Gone are the days when iTunes was the only way to transfer iPhone files to the computer. Luckily, a lot of new software emerged, but the one that made it to the heart of the people is AnyTrans. An exclusive software with an intuitive interface that makes the transition of files including music, videos, photos, messages, podcasts, ebooks, Safari history, voice memo, and more, between iPhones, iPods, even iCloud and PCs, without the help of iTunes, smooth and swift. And so, we present to you a detailed review of AnyTrans – A Quick Tool To Transfer Your iPhone Files To Mac/PC. Let’s take a look.

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If yours is a transfer from old iPhone to a new one or from Android to iOS, AnyTrans is compatible with all and is the fastest and safest two-way syncing station for any iOS device. Moreover, you get access to over 900+ sites to enjoy online videos and sounds and can even manage multiple iCloud accounts all at one place. In short, it is an excellent iOS file manager ever.

AnyTrans Review - A Quick Tool To Transfer Your iPhone Files To Mac or PC

AnyTrans Review – A Quick Tool To Transfer Your iPhone Files To Mac/PC

Version and installation

The latest version of AnyTrans for iOS is 6.3.0 and for Android is 6.3.2. Both are compatible with all Windows and Mac OS and are available for a 7-day free trial, during which, you can transfer a maximum of 50 items per day. Or you can purchase its full version for $39.99. It is very easy to install, the only requirement is that you must install iTunes on your PC first and then set up the Apple Mobile Device Support driver (the same that’s used by the media player) that you got along with the AnyTrans’ setup kit in order to establish the PC-connection to your device. Once done, allow access to the application from the Apple device and enjoy.

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AnyTrans Version and installation

Impressive Interface

One of its major highlights is its user-friendly interface. It is highly organized and displays the details of the connected device like its capacity, free space, etc. in a very crisp manner. So you get a clear cut idea of the device at once. Moreover, it also gives you an option to select the types of files you want to export to any folder on the computer. While transferring, it keeps you in a loop by displaying the transfer progress, elapsed time, and the name of the currently compressed file. If you’ve iTunes installed on your PC, you can directly export device content to its library, and if you’re transferring files from the computer to a device, you can import them along with the apps as well.

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Compatibility and Accessibility

AnyTrans Compatibility and Accessibility

Connect any iOS or Android device of any brand, AnyTrans is compatible with all. It is very approachable, and you can configure it as per your requirement too. Like, while exporting apps to the iTunes library, a PC folder or another device, you can configure AnyTrans by specifying which files should it consider or indicate the maximum number of backups to keep, as well as convert incompatible videos/audios to compatible formats.


Since the very beginning, we are mentioning it is fast. Yes, it indeed has a lightning speed in transferring files because it is 5 times faster than others and so, AnyTrans is the fastest iOS file manager you’ll find anywhere. It loads data within seconds and is super-responsive. Instead of complex routes, it exports/imports/backup files with a single click.

Backup and Security

You never know when your data gets breached or you lose your iOS device along with all your precious files in it. So, you must start a habit of backing things up. But, then we all forget to regular backup our data. Its then we tested its backup ability. AnyTrans offers a wireless, automatic and a secure backup. All you need to do is fix the frequency of your data backup, AnyTrans will then carry out the job on your behalf with its Air Backup ability. Moreover, you can also manage yours as well as multiple iCloud accounts in a well-organized manner. Talking about security, its 100% private as every iCloud login within AnyTrans is protected with the same encryption used by Apple, and there is no way anyone will decrypt it.

iTunes Sync and Media Access

AnyTrans iTunes Sync and Media AccessWhat more can one ask for when one gets access to iTunes and 900+ media sites? With AnyTrans, you can watch as well as batch download images/videos/music files directly into the iOS device with auto conversion to an iOS compatible format for perfect playback/video and image resolution. And also sync your iTunes collection easily without losing your current iPhone data. Isn’t that great?

Customer support

In case you face any glitch with AnyTrans anywhere at any point in time, you can contact its Support Center by email or in person as it is open for you 24*7.

Our verdict

AnyTrans has more positive traits than negatives ones which we hardly find any and hence, it passed our test. Overall, AnyTrans is a brilliant iOS file manager which you must download without a doubt. Still, if you want to know more about it, click here. Give it a try and let us know your reviews in the comment section or on our Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.