You are home and want to check some important mail, and despite entering (or previously saved) correct user ID and password after some process, you get a notification below your screen ‘authentication problem’ or ‘authentication error.’ This is what we call Android WiFi authentication problem.

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Such problems are annoying because we know that we are logged into a correct network but still, it shows a problem especially when we have something important on our plate. So, is there a solution to it? Yes, of course, there is a solution to fix authentication problem in WiFi and that too not one but two. Let us address this issue with two sure solutions so that you don’t have to face the problem again.

How to Solve Authentication Problem in WiFi in Android PhoneHow to Solve Authentication Problem in WiFi in Android Phone

Solution #1:

Step #1. Go to Settings, and under the Network, connections tap on Wi-Fi.

Under Network, Tap on WifiStep #2. Here you will find the network, which you want to connect so long press on the network’s name or SSID.

Long Press the Network NameStep #3. You must have got a popup menu with two options, select Forget network option.

Select Forget network optionStep #4. Now try to reconnect the same network by re-entering Password. The above should solve the problem and you will be able to get connected. If not, then try this 2nd solution.

Solution #2:

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Step #1. Go to Settings and select the WiFi network you want to use, just like above.

Step #2. Long press and hold on the network’s name and choose ‘Modify network’ (or Modify network connection) option this time from the popup menu you receive.

Choose Modify network OptionStep #3. Check the box next to ‘Show advanced options’ and seek for IP settings.

Check the box next to Show advanced optionsStep #4. Change from DHCP to Static, and you will find IP Address field below.

Change from DHCP to StaticStep #5. Note down information in the static IP address field and then delete it.

Note down information in the static IP address field and then delete itStep #6. Re-enter the details you deleted in above step and hit ‘Save.’

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One of these two solutions should work for you without any further trouble. Do let us know how it worked on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.