Google Assistant came as a revolution for the Android users. Google Assistant can do anything for you, and that is why it was part of new Google Phones, Google Pixel, and Pixel XL. Google Assistant is also playing a huge part in Google’s chat messenger Google Allo as well, where you can even play games with the help of Google Assistant.

The main aim behind Google Assistant is to keep things simple when you search for something and to save time. But then like any new technological invention, Google Assistant too comes with the certain limitation. The biggest limitation is that you just can’t direct Google Assistant without saying “OK! Google” first. Well, this procedure is not only annoying but interrupting as well.

Android TV to have Continuous Conversation Support by Google Assistant

Android TV to Have Continuous Support for Google Assistant

But, as per latest development, it is learned that Google too understands this problem and it has made certain improvements with Google Assistant. A video has been posted on Android Police which mentions that Android TV will support the continuous conversations with the users. So, this means that you don’t need to speak “OK!Google” time and again.

You will have to say “OK! Google” for the first time and then you can continue the conversation without stopping. So this should smoothen your experience of using your Android TV functions for sure if you want to use it on a daily basis. Although this news is yet to be confirmed by Google, but if it is true, then one can expect that it should soon be implemented in setting up and using the Google Home smart device as well.