Has this happened to you that when you are enjoying some stuff and Android suddenly warns you about an error by saying that, “Screen overlay detected” and you need to turn off the screen overlay from settings? This error, in particular, can be found with a floating app which is on and then you start to open the recently installed app. The floating app means the one which floats above the other apps, e.g. Facebook Messenger.

The most affected smartphones with this error are Motorola and Samsung. We have found that even Vodafone devices have also faced the same problem. If we talk about apps then using Clean Master, Lux, Drupe, and Twilight have been also blamed for creating such problem error. The technical reason behind is that when your apps asking you to use certain parts of your phone like a camera or internal storage and a dialogue requesting permission can overlay a display and that can interfere with each other and that is where the problem starts. So, the Android asks you to disable that feature with that error message for the smooth running of your smartphone.

So is there any solution? Yes, there is, but you need to follow it step by step. So if you are ready then we can start that process right now.

The Solution to Fix the ‘Screen Overlay Detected’ Error on Android

The first Phase to fix the Screen Overlay Detected Error for Both Samsung and Non-Samsung Smartphones

For Non-Samsung Smartphones

Step #1. Go to settings on your Android Phone.

Step #2. Tap on the magnifying glass at the top right of your mobile screen.

Step #3. Next, Type “draw” on Search Section.

Step #4. Now, tap on the Draw over other apps.

Step #5. Or you may also follow this path Apps → Tap on Gear Icon → Draw over other apps.

For Samsung Users

Step #1. Open Settings app.

Step #2. Open Applications and go to the Application manager.

Step #3. Press on More and those apps which can appear on top will be seen.

The second Phase to fix the Screen Overlay Detected Error for Both Samsung and Non-Samsung Smartphones

This phase is for both Samsung and Non-Samsung smartphone users. Now since you can see a list of apps which can use your permission to float buttons or the other screen overlays. Now you need to identify which app is causing you the problem. Read the points given below carefully and decide by yourself.

  • If you can see an app bubble on your screen then that is the certainly causing you the problem, so just hide that app bubble or disable that app from the list.
  • Disable those apps which change the colors on the display or adjust brightness automatically.
  • Clean Master is the common trouble maker for most of the smartphones for generating this error message, so if you also have the Clean Master, without thinking much just disable it from that list of apps.
  • Even after doing the above you don’t see an obvious troublemaker, then just disable each and every app in the list.

The third Phase to fix the Screen Overlay Detected Error for Both Samsung and Non-Samsung Smartphones

Now try and launch the app again on your Non-Samsung smartphone. When you launch the app, it will ask the permission without “Display overlay detected” error.

For Samsung users just follow this step to deactivate the one-handed keyboard because that may still cause you the problem. So the path is:

Settings → Advanced Features → One handed operation.

The fourth Phase to fix the Screen Overlay Detected Error for Both Samsung and Non-Samsung Smartphones

Well, it may sound crazy but now it’s time for you to enable some of those apps which you just disabled a few moments back. At least those apps which you are important for you and you use them frequently you can allow the overlay permission to them, right? Just try it.

This is the best we can offer to solve the Android “Screen Overlay Detected” error on both Samsung and Non-Samsung smartphones. We can only hope that Google will see to this problem and finds a permanent solution to it.

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Do let us know whether you could sort out this error on your smartphone or not after using those four phases mentioned above. We are waiting for your valuable feedback in comments section given below.