In one of our tutorials, we suggested few solutions on how to fix INSUFFICIENT STORAGE AVAILABLE ERROR on Android. One of those suggestions was to transfer your app to SD Card to make more space in the internal memory but what if you get ‘Android Phone Not Detecting SD Card’ problem when you are transferring the app?

There are few reasons behind such error occurring on your phone, and the solution to this issue too has many ways. So to make more room in your smartphone’s internal memory is that you need to fix the Android phone not detecting SD card problem on your smartphone as quickly as possible.

How to Solve Android Phone Not Detecting SD Card Problem

Solution #1: Clean Your SD Card

There are chances that your SD card got dirty, and hence you need to clear it so that you can get rid of the error. Here are the steps on how quickly you can clean your SD card.

Step #1. Turn off your device and take the SD card out from your Android phone.

Step #2. You must use a white colored rubber eraser and rub the gold yellow color part (made from copper) on your SD card.

Step #3. If you are sure that your SD card is clean then place it back to your smartphone and turn it on.

This should solve the problem but if not then check the second solution.

Solution #2: Erase the SD Card from Memory

Erase the SD Card from your smartphone’s memory and make it new. Just follow the following path to do that. Remember this will wipe all the data
from your SD Card, but it will certainly help you to get rid of the error.

Go to Settings → Storage → Tap on ‘Erase SD Card’ option.

Solution #3: Use your PC to Diagnose the Problem

Step #1. Connect your smartphone to your PC via USB cable.

Step #2. Select the Mass Storage Mode (MSC) on your device and not Media Transfer Mode (MTP).

Step #3. Launch Windows Explorer and double click on SD Card driver.

Step #4. Go to Properties → Tools → Error Checking and wait for the process to complete.

Step #5. Take out your SD Card from your phone once the above process is over and re-insert it and check whether the problem is solved or not.

Solution #4: Formatting SD card

First of all, you need to take the backup of your data to your PC, so connect your smartphone with the PC and Cut or Copy the folders of your data on SD card and Paste it on your PC under a particular folder which you need to create.

Once the above process is over Format Your SD card on your smart by following this path:

Settings → Storage → Format SD card

Once the formatting it over then takes out the card out of your smartphone and reinsert it and check whether this last resort trick worked or not.

One of these four solutions are enough to cure the Android Phone Not Detecting SD Card problem for most of the Android phones, but still, you are facing the problem then it is better you visit a technical person or your smartphone’s service station.

Hope you will like the solutions given here to get rid of the Android Phone Not Detecting SD Card problem. Do give your shout on this subject here in the comments section.