While Android Oreo update is continuously rolling out for smartphones, the Google has started to work on its next futuristic update Android P 9.0. The good news is it seems like Google is too excited to release the new Android OS update sooner than everyone thinks considering Google’s earlier publicising at I/O conference.

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Android P 9.0 Features

What is Android P 9.0?

Since a lot of rumors roaming around online about the upcoming Android P update, people have been started asking on what is Android P? So, let me tell you first that Android P is Google’s futuristic Android OS update version 9.0.

What is full form of Android P? Or what will Android P be called?

Another major question that everyone is wondering about the Android P full form. Well, some tech giant suggestion that the name could be Pistachio Ice Cream, Android Popsicle, Android Pie, or Android Pi, or Android Pineapple.

When will Android P release?

As I said that Google I/O is going to start on May 8 of this year, so you will get the first Android P Developer Preview earlier than last year. And, Google’s Pixel phones will likely to get the Android P first. While talking about the first Android P public beta, it is expected to release in August 2018.

Android P (Android 9.0 update) Expected Features

#1: Phone Call Recording

According to latest AndroidHeadline, Android P may support Phone Call Recording feature. Hence, your every conversation will be recorded, and it can be stored in Cloud storage or your local Android device. The sources say that there would be an audible 1400Hz frequency beep alert itself every 15 seconds to both parties to notify that their conversation is being recorded.

#2: Picture-in-Picture Mode for All Apps

Google included picture-in-picture mode in Android Oreo update. But, it was only supported on selected apps. With the Android P, Google is planning to support picture-in-picture mode on every app. Hence, you won’t need to shut down your current work to use any other important stuff. You can simply use PiP mode on Android P to do your important work while the secondary tab is running on your screen.

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#3: High-Efficiency Image Format (HEIF)

Likewise, iOS 11’s HEIC file which is also known as HEIF or High-Efficiency Image Format, Google is planning to add to HEIF in the Android P. Hence, you will be able to make Jpeg image for half of their previous size, can store image edits and multiple photos in one file. It also supports 16-bit color and transparency.

#4: How LTE Signal Bar Appear

4G LTE technology has changed the world by proving the fasters internet speed for smartphone users. And now, companies are working to provide the 5G network with more rapid speed. Considering this, Google seems like adding a new feature to allow carriers decide how the actual signal bar define and show to users in the Android P update.

#5: iPhone X like “Notch”

According to the Bloomberg, Google is working on the new version on Android called “Pistachio Ice Cream” and they are working on the design with space at the cutout on the top just like the iPhone X’s newer Notch. It results, manufacturers will be to integrate the face-scanning technology easily to the upcoming devices. Well, we are very excited to see how Google will add the iPhone X’s like Notch on its upcoming Android P update.

#6: More Privacy For The Camera

Google seems like concentrating more on privacy in the next Android P update. According to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), the new Android P update will prevent idle background apps from using your smartphone camera. Hence, if your device’s screen is off, then any other malicious apps cannot take the picture using the camera and cannot capture any picture of you.

What’s more?

There are more tech sites have been talking about upcoming Android P features. The Techadvisor says that the Android 9.0 will support Wi-Fi Direct Printing support and Bluetooth hearing aids. As Android devices are going bezel-less, we might see the new user-friendly interface and deep integration of the voice assistant with your Android. Well, XDA says that Google May remove access to hidden APIs in Android P and allowing some of the function that has been restricted.

Which Devices Will Get Android P Support First?

As Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL both are the newest lineup, it is quite possible that Google will release the first Android P update version for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. There has been also rumors roaming around that Google and Samsung will join hands and release the Android 9.0 for the upcoming Galaxy S9 and Note 9 as well. So, these four devices will get first Android P support earlier than expected.

Final Words

For now, this was all we had about the upcoming Android 9.0 aka Android P update. We will update the post as per the arrival of any new information about the new Android P update. Well, did you like these new Android P features? What else you want to see on Android 9.0 update? Just comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.