Since the announcement of Android O in Google O/I 2017, people have been keenly waiting for the final version of the update. Finally, Google has rolled out most-awaited Android 8.0 update with great features through out the decade’s biggest solar eclipse on August, 21.

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Google named latest smartphone operating system as Android Oreo. Now, the world’s favorite cookie is new favorite Android OS. As Google promised from I/O keynote, Android Oreo features will blow your mind. The Android 8.0 is smarter, faster, most powerful, and sweeter than ever.

Google has developed this update to emphasise to make your device smooth, powerful and user-friendly. Let me give you a short ride of Android 8.0 Oreo features.

Best Android 8.0 Oreo FeaturesBest Android 8.0 Oreo Features

#1. Notification dots

Google introduced the functionality to show you notifications on the app icons in the latest Android Oreo update, the feature called “Notification dots”. The new feature will show you associated with one or more app notification on your device, which allows the user to do not force-close the current activity. You can also reply or close the notification by long-pressing on an app icon.

#2. Background Limits

Sometimes people forget to close that background running apps those can directly affect the battery and the performance of the device. With Android 8.x Google has introduced new functions to limit the background apps, accessing location, and frequent wi-fi scans. These changes improve the performance of the apps run in the background and help to prevent your device from overuse and improve your battery life. The Android Oreo’s super power minimize the background activity in the app you use least.

#3. Picture in Picture Display

Whether you are video calling with your friends or watching your favorite video on YouTube, you can manage multiple tasks efficiently with the new feature PiP on Android 8.0. Once you enable picture-in-picture mode in Android O, you will be able to perform multi task which will help you mostly for video playback. The PiP mode was already available for Android TV and now recently arrived on Android device with the first Android Oreo Update.

#4. Autofill

Google’s new Autofill Framework on its next-gen OS can save your time and lesser input errors while filling out the form by autofill feature in the smartphone. Autofill feature will sync your password and other detail just like Chrome’s Autofill. With the Autofill Framework, you can fill up your form such as accounts and credit card form easily, and you do not need to type your account detail repeatedly with this O’s new feature.
The Autofill Framework will manage the communication between the app and an Autofill service. You can easily enable or disable this feature navigate to Settings → Apps & Notifications → Default apps → Autofill app. Hence, the Android Oreo’s Autofill feature is a hero who’s always ready before you.

#5. Smart Text Selection

In Android O, Google improved its machine learning power means your device will remember the titles like addresses, URLs, phone number, email ID and much more with Smart Text Selection feature. This Android Oreo makes your copy and pastes action better while selecting the whole content or links and posting at the right place or on an app to take action depends on the selected entity. For example, if you highlight a phone number then you just need to tap to dial to make a further action, or if you select any address, then your device will quickly navigate you to that address in just single touch.

#6. Adaptive Icons

Google Pixel launcher already has adaptive icons feature; now adaptive icons are available in the Android 8.0 Oreo. These adaptive icons will be flexible enough so you can change them with different shape masks and also outside borders. These icons will be supported by the launcher itself and also by shortcuts, sharing dialogues, device settings, and overall app screen view.

#7. Font Resources in XML

This feature will be liked by developers for sure because now developers have more say and weight when it comes to configuring in XML layouts. Now the apps will be friendly with both fonts and styles, and developers can bundle a font of their choice and can use them in their apps more easily than what they can right now.

#8. Connectivity

Users will have better connectivity between the two Android O devices. The music will have better sound with high-quality Bluetooth audio with Sony LDAC code when you are using a Bluetooth connection.

The hardware support with WiFi Aware specification will be able to give you greater communication with different devices without the central access point.

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Lastly, the third party calling apps will now work well with carrier-specific features. With this function, you can get a display of calling information, and that data will be displayed and controlled over Bluetooth.

#9. Wide range of Colors for Apps

Now you will have a wide gamut color for apps with Android O, and thus the displays will have more leverage. This will suit the most to the image editors and photo viewers. If a particular app developer enables a setting which will let the system know that the app has wide gamut color aware and embed a wide color profile. Those who work with Pro Photo RGB, DCI-P3 and AdobeRGB will feel happy now.

#10. New TV launcher for Android TV

Google revealed new Android TV Launcher along with new Android O. The new TV launcher makes it easy for a user to search, preview and watch content on the app, and you can also create new channels, add, remove and update the program and manage your list of the shows in the channel. For example, you can create your our new channel like “What’s new” for newly available shows. The apps will not manage the order in which channel shows in the launcher. Your newly created app will appear at the bottom of the channel list in the app. You can also change the order, hide and show channel using this app.

#11. AAudio API for Pro Audio

Now there will be a new native API with Android O which will now allow apps to use high performance in audio even with low-latency audio streams. The first versions of the AAudio API are yet to be known, but it seems that it will be worth waiting to make a significant change in this specification.

#12. Better Keyboard Navigation

Users and developers can now feel happy as Android O will have a better Keyboard navigation throughout the interface. Now there will be more predictable navigation via arrow and tab which will be the new models for keyboard navigation on Android 8.0 Oreo.

#13. TensorFlow Lite

TensorFlow Lite is Google’s open source machine learning library for all developers to take advantage of machine learning to improve the user experience. It uses LSTM techniques to improve your user experience. It will also help you to keep some of the AI components on the device and search an online server to evaluate things like actions on text selection. Google is also working on a new Neural Network API that will be helpful for TensorFlow to act to speed up computing.

#14. WebView Enhancements

Android O will allow multi-process mode for the WebView components as it has in Nougat as default and then it adds an API which will help developers to handle their error and crashes. This will also make apps which use development languages for better stability and security. Users will also get benefitted as they can enable Google Safe Browsing for those remote URLs.

#15. 2x Faster Performance

Android Oreo comes with the 2x faster boot speed to perform your favorite task more quickly. It can also save your device’s battery and use all function with 2x boot speed.

#16. Google Play Protect

The latest Android Oreo keeps scan more than 50 billion apps per to keep your device safe from risky apps. If you haven’t installed any apps on your device, it can still scan the app and add an extra protective layer to your device.

#17. League of extraordinary emojis

With Android 8.0 Oreo update, you can express yourself more ways than ever with its new added more than 60 new extraordinary emojis. Now you can share you feeling in a more fully-redesigned new emojis collection.

#18. Downloadable Fonts and Emojis

The new downloadable feature of Android 8.0 can load the font from the shared provider instead of the adding them in the APK. The support library and app manage to resize the fonts and share them on apps. Likewise, you can also get emojis even if they are not made for your device.

#19. Adaptive icon

With Android 8.0 update, you can create the adaptive display in certain shapes in different device model depends on the mask selected by the manufacturer of the device. It also creates the different animated icon and uses them in the settings, launcher, sharing and other function of the device.

#20. Shortcut pinning

To get things done fast, people use shortcuts and widget. Android 8.0 allow you to pin shortcuts and widget for your favorite app onto launcher with deep linking. It helps you to keep engaged with the task and content. You can create shortcuts and widget pining by long pressing on the app’s icon and then drag and drop the selected item to the location of your choice.

#23. Notification Sleeping

If you want to hide certain notification of your friends from your parents, then the Android 8.0 Oreo update allows you to hide notifications for the specific time period likewise inbox snoozing.

#22. Autosizing Textview

With the Android Oreo, Google is making it much easier for its users to optimize the text size in different screen or with dynamic content. You can use Autosizing Textview to automatically fill the Textview with text, nevertheless of the amount. You can create an array of current text size or set min and max size so that the text can easily fit on the available Textview space on your device.

Well, this was the sweetest treat from Google for all worldwide Android users. Did you like the taste of this new Android Oreo? What are you looking forward to Android 8.0? Let know your thoughts in the comments.

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