Having a long lasting battery life is every smartphone owner’s first and foremost dream. With each new purchase, he believes that at least this phone’s battery will last longer than his previous phone’s. Android too always promises longer battery life with its new upgrade and that promise was made again at the time of launch of Nougat. But, despite having Doze mode Nougat battery life still, suffers from the similar problem.

When we heard that apart from having other great features on Nougat, it also has a Doze mode, we thought that it would extend battery life to a good extent, but it has not. The reasons behind this can be many, but there are few, in particular, are found draining your Android Nougat phone’s battery faster and to fix those problems only we are here to give you some solutions.

How to Fix Android 7.0 Nougat Battery Drain Issue

Clear Cache

If you need a significant improvement in your Android Nougat enabled smartphone, then clearing the cache could be one of the convenient options. This suggestion has worked very well with different Android Nougat users, and hence you too can apply it on your smartphone as well. Just switch off your smartphone and start into recovery mode. Once you are in the recovery mode select ‘Wipe cache’ option from the various options offered and then reboot your device.

Turn the Bluetooth off

Many Nougat users have observed that if the Bluetooth has been turned on then, the battery drains fast. So, if you also have a habit of keeping the Bluetooth ON always, then it is better if you continue it OFF till you need it. Another way out is to keep the Bluetooth OFF for few hours and then check whether it has improved the battery life or not.

Try Factory Reset

If you have uploaded the latest version of Nougat from Android N preview program, then you could be facing battery problems. Many Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X due to N preview program updates. Even Google Pixel and Pixel XL users are having battery life issue which too runs on Nougat 7.0. So, one of the solutions is to go for factory reset. Once you have decided to go for this option, you must remember that you will lose all the data after the factory reset has been done. Hence it is advisable that you get a backup of your data before proceeding further. Once you do the factory reset, then your phone will be all new, and you need to reinstall all your lost apps. You will see a considerable improvement in your battery drain issue, post factory reset.

Make a Fresh Start

Because you have done the factory reset and as we have mentioned above, you need to start afresh. This solution will take plenty of your attention and time, but it is highly recommended that you follow this solution as it will be very helpful for you to stop fast battery drain. What you need to do is to install your apps one by one and then wait for at least one hour to install the next app. This process will make sure that which app is the culprit for making your Android Nougat enabled smartphone’s fast battery draining. So if one such app is problematic, then it is better that you uninstall that app if it is not that important for you.

Last Resort – Go back to Marshmallow

If nothing above works then the best and final option is to roll back to Android Marshmallow, or just accept that you will have to live with fast battery drains of Android Nougat. The minor version of Android may keep the battery drain speed at considerably lower levels, and hence you can use your smartphone with all the necessary apps for a longer period.

These are the best solutions we can advise to solve your Android Nougat battery drain issue. If you too are facing the same then use these solutions one after another and see whether any of them has made your smartphone’s battery last longer or not.