How to fix connectivity issues with the Amazon Echo

After so many bad reviews in last few months, we have witnessed a big improvement in Amazon Echo. New updates are making it more skillful and now the third-party integration with other smart devices is making it more accessible than ever before. So all in all the Amazon Echo has become more and more user-friendly for sure.

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Having said that, it is still lacking somewhere especially “Alexa” doesn’t understand everything we ask to her and that too at some big levels as well. We have found out that the issue with Alexa is actually not the volume but it has to do with voice cutting and that is why it becomes less responsive sometimes. So here is how we can improve Alexa by using the tips mentioned below.

How to fix connectivity issues with the Amazon Echo

How to Fix Connectivity Issues with Amazon Echo

Reboot all things attached with Echo and also the device itself

The first and the easiest way to solve any problem with an electronic gadget is to reboot it and Echo is certainly not an exception. Even Amazon has suggested that if you find any persistent problem with Echo better reboot it. This is how you can do that.

Step #1. Unplug Echo along with powering off your modem or router.

Step #2. First start the modem or router and when they are fully functional restore the power of your Echo.

Step #3. Start streaming some audio or interacting with Alexa heavily for many minutes and check whether the issue has been resolved or not.

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Relocate Echo

If your Echo and your router are having a great distance between them, then by relocating your Echo just near to your router will solve many problems. Try to keep Echo away from other electronic devices and also metal objects, put it in the center of everything. Apart from these, you may also put Echo at a higher place than where your router is because router sends the signals downwards so putting your Echo up is a great idea.

Switch the frequency

Not many old smart devices work well with the newer 5GHz frequency, so for them, 2.4GHz is a better option. But for Echo 5GHz is the best frequency; hence you must try and set your Echo at 5GHz only. This will not only decrease the interference but will also strengthen the connection and will also increase the range as well.

Factory Reset

This is another option which clears most of the problems our electronic gadgets have. Although factory reset not always advisable because it is better to diagnose the problem and solve it rather than running away from it. So here is how you can do a factory reset on your Amazon Echo.

Step #1. You will see a reset button just near the power adapter port at the base of Echo, you need to press that button with a thin end object like a needle or a paper clip.

Step #2. Hold the button till the light at the top of Echo turns orange.

Step #3. Wait till the light turns off totally and backs on.

Step #4. Open the Amazon Echo app on your smartphone and go through the setup process.

Connect your ISP or Amazon

Normally when there is no other option left this is the last resort. If there is a problem with connection then your Internet Service Provider may help. But, if there is a problem with hardware if you think so, then it is good to contact Amazon customer service. They may not be able to help you much as you might have gone through all the tips given above already, but they just might help you to diagnose the correct problem for sure.

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