Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced its very own video conferencing and communication services called ‘Amazon Chime’. This service seems to be the direct challenge to Skype and more such services available right now worldwide. Chime offers virtual meetings by allowing its users to host or join a meeting through it.

There will be two price bands for availing the services of Chime. The lowest price is at $2.50 per user per month, and the highest price is at $15 per user with facilities like video and screen sharing between the users. There is also a basic offer which is for free, but that is limited to video chatting between two users.

Users of Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS can use Chime on their smart devices.

Amazon Chime

This announcement will now put AWS directly in competition with Skype and Google Hangouts and also GoToMeeting and Cisco who are directly involved in virtual meeting management.

Gene Farrell, the Vice President of Enterprise application AWS, said in a statement, “It’s pretty hard to find people who like the technology they use for meetings today. Most meeting applications or services are hard to use, deliver bad audio and video, require constant switching between multiple tools to do everything they want and are way too expensive.”

Recently Amazon announced Amazon Prime on iPhone, Android, Mac and Windows for the entertainment purpose and now Chime, which is exclusively for business people. Amazon can expect tough competition from big players like Microsoft and Google and also from the upcoming competitor like Alibaba which will try their very best to snatch customers from AWS.

To know more about it, visit its official website: Amazon Chime