Well, the date of release is advanced for sure, but it has only increased the curiosity about the looks of this new Samsung phone, and we have got a leaked video showing Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 First Look Video Leaked

Slashleaks, a leak portal has produced a footage which gives us the glimpses of the first look at Samsung Galaxy S8. While watching this video one cannot establish the place from which it is taken, whether the video shooter is one of the Samsung employees or someone else is yet to be known. While watching the video one thing you can make out that this video is shot without the knowledge of someone who is related with Samsung and you can sense the hurry in the shooting. You can even hear working machine sounds in the background. So, how much one can trust on this video is up to that person only.

What we can gather from this leaked video is that if it is Samsung Galaxy S8, then it is confirming most of the rumors we hear ever since we heard about this new phone. You can see the end-to-end bezel ratio which was the first rumor we heard about this new flagship smartphone from the South Korean giant. There is another thing one can notice is the iris scanner which too was gossiped a few weeks back.

The thing, which can calm many from this video, is that Samsung Galaxy S8 has not done away with headphone jack just like iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, as in this video you can easily spot it at the bottom of the smartphone. Because the iconic Home button is nowhere to see in Samsung Galaxy S8, we have now got the new fingerprint scanner at the back of the phone.

Because the clip is so small and the person who has shot this must be in a hurry, we can’t confirm about the desktop dock as it was heard a few days back. The desktop dock turns the smartphone into a PC. One thing we can certainly confirm is that, whether this video is authentic or not we all will know about it on 29th March, and that is for sure.