Apple TV has been quite a revolution so to speak. With such an innovative product at our disposal, the floodgates of entertainment are opened for sure. Apart from providing entertainment the Apple TV also provides some great apps, which can be played through a remote and to secure the remote, you need the best Apple TV remote cases and covers.

Just like any other TV remote we need to have an excellent protection for Apple TV remote as well from falls, drops, dust and few other harmful elements. We feel that you should buy the best remote cases and covers for your Apple TV (2nd, 3rd & 4th Generation) to protect along with the comfort. So, here we are with all the necessary solutions, which you will definitely like.

Best Apple TV Remote Cases and Covers

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#1. HokoAcc

The HokoAcc remote case for Apple TV guarantees full protection of the remote from every harmful element. This remote case is slim fit, and hence it continues to flaunt the original profile of the Apple TV remote. Available in black color, this product can certainly be termed as one of the best Apple TV remote covers.

Features of HokoAcc Remote Case

  • The remote has an exclusive design for the Apple TV 4th generation Siri remote, which means that it will be very easy for you to install it and also remove.
  • Everyone wants to give a long lasting protection to his Apple TV remote and the material used in this case is durable and strong which will last very long.
  • The case can also protect the remote from light drops, and it also helps an easier grip, so the remote doesn’t fall from your fingers.
  • Give the full remote coverage and also ensure that all the buttons on the remote can have the normal function and also the edges are well covered.
  • The case has a lanyard included, so it will be very convenient to hang the remote after you finish the day’s use.

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#2. Elago

The remote case from elago fits perfectly with Apple TV remote and what’s more? You have six different color choices at your disposal. So, you can select any of the six cases according to what your feel is your style and thus make this case your own.

Features of Elago Remote Case

  • The primary material used in this case is durable and soft silicon, which gives excellent protection against drops and bumps.
  • The soft silicon also ensures that there is no scratch which can spoil the look of your remote both from outside and also inside.
  • While the remote is in the case, you can operate all its functions like dual microphones, glass touch surface, buttons and port charging.
  • The powerful magnets fixed with this remote case will allow you to put the remote on a metal surface, so you will never lose your remote.

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#3. Akwox

For the 4th generation Apple TV Siri remote control this is the best remote control case for sure. It is made out of silicone which is smooth and non-bulky material so it will not add any weight to your remote and that will make the remote easy to operate.

Features of Akwox Remote Case

  • This is a slim fit remote case hence it will flaunt the original shape of the remote always.
  • Made from environmentally friendly material so one can remain stress-free even after its disposal.
  • Perfect cuts allow you to access all the buttons of the remote easily.
  • Equipped with antiskid and anti-dust technology to keep the remote safe and clean and it is washable.

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#4. Fintie

You will be surprised to know that Fintie is one of the most respected names in the protective case manufacturers for various smartphones across the spectrum. Now, Fintie is coming up with an unusual remote case cover for Apple TV remote with some fantastic features on offer.

Features of Fintie Remote Case

  • The front of this Apple TV remote case is same, but if you turn this case and check its back, it has unique honeycomb design which makes it look totally different than the other cases.
  • The honeycomb design also provides better grip while holding the remote in hand and also keeps the scratches off from the remote easily.
  • Very light in weight so your kids can also handle the case with ease and it is anti-dust, anti-shock and also easy to wash as well.
  • This case is one of the best Apple TV covers available on Amazon because hundreds of satisfied users have given their positive reviews and also rankings.

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#5. Sabrent

There will be some remote cases for Apple TV available in the market, but if you have a particular need and want to purchase the best Apple TV remote case which is shockproof, then you got to look at this Sabrent remote case. The design of the case is good enough to convince you that it is rough and tough.

Features of Sabrent Remote Case

  • Made exclusively for Apple TV remote and hence it fits the remote perfectly and also allows you to use the buttons without any trouble.
  • The primary material used in this case is soft yet durable silicone, and it is great against any accidental drop and fall or even a bump.
  • The powerful inbuilt magnet will help to stick this remote on any metal surface, so your remote will never lose.
  • There is a lanyard included with this pack, so when you are not using the remote you can hang it anywhere you want to.

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#6. iPazzPort

If you are looking for a remote case for your Apple TV which also has one of the best keyboards for Apple TV attached, then you need not go any further and just stop here. This iPazzPort remote case for Apple TV comes with an exclusive keyboard for Apple TV as well.

Features of iPazzPort Remote Case

  • Get the best remote case cover for the Apple TV made from extremely sturdy and durable material with excellent finishing.
  • The keyboard which is also part of the package has 44 keys and 90-degree orientation flip.
  • The case is manufactured to give full security to the Apple TV Siri remote.
  • They keyboard works with Bluetooth with a 33 feet range and can operate with most of the Bluetooth enabled devices including Apple TV.

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#7. FineGood

The FineGood Remote case for Apple TV comes in two colors, one is light blue, and the other is black. Both the colors are so attractive that it will increase the looks of your Apple TV remote for sure. Because it is designed for Apple TV remote only it fits perfectly to it.

Features of FineGood Remote Case

  • This is a fully protective case which is skid proof and can provide long lasting protection to the remote with security against light drops.
  • Smooth silicone material helps to grip the remote in much better way than any other remote cases, and it also feels great on fingers.
  • This case is very flexible, and hence it is very easy to install and remove whenever you wish to wash this case, yes you read it right, this case is washable.
  • Although the case covers the entire remote, there are cutouts which ensure that all the buttons on the remote can normally be used.

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#8. Tresalto

One more silicone based remote case for the Apple TV is here. This case also has high ratings from the users on Amazon, and the number of reviews is quite high as well. With such a large number of users showing their satisfaction, we got to believe that it must be carrying good quality.

Features of Tresalto Remote Case

  • Made exclusively for Siri remote for the 4th generation new Apple TV
  • The case has ultra-slim design which will complement the sophisticated look of the Apple TV remote.
  • The silicone used in the case is flexible and durable so it is easy to install and remove and will last very long.
  • The company also offers 100% money back guarantee.

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If you are looking for the best Apple TV remote cases, then you will not find any better suggestions than the above. Tell us your experience with the product you purchased from above.

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