There will be hardly an Android user you find who has not complained about his or her Facebook app eating out a large portion of his battery life. This problem is really a unique problem because we keep on hearing about it after every alternate month and not getting a permanent solution. This is not it, apart from the Facebook app using a large chunk of battery life from your Android phone, the amount of storage space it uses is another huge matter of concern for its regular users.

People often try to find a way out to fight with these problems and find nothing at all. The best solution probably is not to let Facebook have any permission to access. Not getting it? Well, let’s explain you in details by giving you some simple tips and tricks on how you will stop Facebook eating out your Android phone battery life.

6 Tips to Stop Facebook App from Draining Android Phone Battery Life

Tip #1: Turn off the Facebook location services

If you have allowed your Facebook app to refresh your location time and again then let us inform you that, it is one of the major sources of eating out your battery life. With location services Facebook also refreshes all kinds of things in its background. When these two things are allowed the battery life of your Android phone will not have any answer to remain alive for more time. So better you disable these things and your battery life will be saved more than ever before.

Step #1. Open Settings on your Android phone.

Step #2. Under Settings, go to app option, then Find Facebook App, and Tap on it.

Step #3. Next, Tap on Permissions.

Step #4. Now, Togging Off the Location Switch.

Tip #2: Disable autoplay for videos

You might have observed that while you are scrolling your Facebook timeline, the posts with videos gets active automatically. This is another reason for the Facebook app to eat out not only your battery life but also eating out on your data plan as well. So you should not let Facebook decide what you want to see and what not, hence better you stop the auto play of your videos like this…

Step #1. Launch your Facebook app.

Step #2. Just below the messenger button, you will find three horizontal lines, tap on them.

Step #3. Scroll down to “App Settings” and tap on it.

Step #4. Over here you will find “Autoplay” option, tap it

Step #5. Tap on “Never Autoplay Videos” option from other two available options.

Tip #3: Turn off all or the selected notifications

Whenever you receive a notification, your phone will lit up. If you are an active user of Facebook, then this will be the frequent activity your mobile has to face. Whenever your mobile lit up with a Facebook notification, your phone will lose some part of its battery life, hence it is better to stop those notifications. It is not that you need to stop all the notification to save your battery life, but you can stop those notifications only, which you feel are fine, if not received. Facebook Android app gives you that much freedom. So let’s know how we can stop all the notifications or the one which is not so important for us.

Step #1. Launch your Facebook App on Android.

Step #2. Just below the messenger button, you will find three horizontal lines, tap on them.

Step #3. Scroll down to “App Settings” and tap on it.

Step #4. Over here you will find “Notifications” option, tap and go inside.

Step #5. On the top right of your screen there will be a toggle button just next to “Notifications”, you can toggle to stop all the notifications.

Step #6. To stop specific notifications you can toggle the one which you feel less important for you from the wide range of options given there.

If you still can’t make up your mind whether to allow all the notifications or to allow only a few important one and yet worried about your Android phone’s battery, then we got another way out for you. You can at least disable the “Show on Lock Screen” option from the Notification option. This will help you to save a bit of your phone’s battery life.

Tip #4: Reinstall and/or Delete the Facebook App Time and Again

This advice may sound weird, but it is true that Facebook keeps a big part of your storage space and by deleting or reinstalling the app time and again can allow you to recapture the lost storage space. More storage on your mobile is also responsible for having a lower battery life. At times, if you observe regularly, your Facebook app can take out more than 1 GB space on your mobile. So by reinstalling or deleting the Facebook app you will give more space to your phone and also to the battery as well.

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Tip #5: Don’t flick away your Facebook app

Many people have a thinking that flicking away the apps from the multitasking tray can save their battery life. For some apps, this thinking works opposite as by re-launching app your Android phone will consume more battery. But strangely it is not the case with the Facebook app. So it will be advisable that you better flick away your Facebook app at least from the multi-tasking tray and you will see a positive impact on your battery life. You may keep the other apps running on the tray if you wish to.

Tip #6: No app just the bookmark or shortcut

Well, this is the last trick we would advise you to use. Even after using the above tricks, you still find there is no way the Facebook app will change reacting to your battery life then it is better to delete the app completely from your Android phone. Better go to the browser on your Android phone, log in to the Facebook website as you normally do and then set a bookmark or a shortcut on your home screen. Yes, you will be robbed of the notifications facility but this step will surely save your Android phone battery.


These are the best tips which can help you to save battery life on your Android phone if you are a regular user of the Facebook app. We would love to hear from you on whether these tricks helped you or not. So don’t stop, just give your comments in the comments section given below.