On one side we say that electronic or smart gadgets are the reason behind getting less sleep, but on the other side, we take help of sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch to track and control our sleep.

While taking note of the irony, we talked about earlier; we are suggesting you some of the best sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch to help your good night sleep. Remember, just like the best Bluetooth headphones for Apple Watch give us the pleasure of music to stay happy, these apps keep track of your sleep and keep you healthy.

All these apps do one thing, which is to track your sleep and give you analysis about your sleep so that you can get proper sleep and rise fresh in the morning. Some of these apps work differently, but still, they are there to provide you best results.

5 Best Sleep Tracking Apps for Apple Watch

#1. Sleep Track

Do you want to know how much time you are spending in your bed? Then Sleep Track will certainly help you in doing that with lot many other features.

  • You will have the overview of ‘go to bed’ time and also a time when you awake, so you can easily get the information on how much time you are spending in bed.
  • With you are wearing Apple Watch while sleeping you can also track your sleeping habits with this app.
  • There is an inbuilt guide which will let you know how good or bad you sleep you are having at nights.
  • You can set your next goals once you analyze your sleep habits.

Price: Free
Download Sleep Track for Apple Watch

#2. Sleep++

Sleep++ is one of the best sleep tracking apps currently available on App Store. It measures your sleep closely and then let you help on how to get a quality sleep every night.

  • The motto of this sleep tracking app is to make you understand how well you are sleeping and how you can take advantages of a good sleep for your work next day.
  • You can ask your Apple Watch by simply saying, “Sleep+++ I am to start sleeping” and “Sleep+++ I am woken up” and leave the rest to Sleep+++ app.
  • In the morning the app will give you a complete analysis of your previous night’s sleep with the detailed break up mentioning how well you slept or how restless you were during that sleep.
  • If you wish you can integrate this app with other health apps you have and then you will be able to get a complete health analysis.

Price: Free
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#3. Heart Analyzer

When you are sleeping your heart keeps on functioning. While sleeping, you should also consider how your heart reacts to your sound or restless sleep. This app will help you analyze that.

  • The app will analyze your heart rate in understandable form when you are sleeping.
  • You can retrieve data of your heart rate while sleeping for one full year.
  • Just let know the app that you are going to sleep, or you are already awake, and Heart Analyzer will do the rest of the analysis.
  • If you wish you can integrate Heart Analyzer app with Apple Health app which will help you to set your sleeping and awakening time automatically.

Price: Free
Download Heart Analyzer for Apple Watch

#4. Sleep Pulse 2 Motion

One of the great looking sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch is here. Sleep Plus 2 Motion app works like other apps in the bracket, but it provides you a great compilation of your sleep tracking results.

  • Sleep Plus 2 Moon tracks your motion while you are sleeping along with your heart rate and also nightly steps to give you the best picture of your sleep.
  • You can sync this app with your iPhone to get the detailed analysis.
  • You will also be able to check the complications if any while you have a sleep and the progress of your sleep at a glance and then can decide how you can improve your sleep.
  • You need to activate the Health and Motion feature, and then the app will do the rest.

Price: $3.99
Download Sleep Pulse 2 Motion for Apple Watch

#5. Zleeper

Zleeper is perhaps the easiest sleep tracking apps to work with among all such apps we are prescribing here. Let us know more about it.

  • To start tracking your sleep you don’t need to speak or do anything special, just toggle the sleep mode when you are hitting the bed, and the app will start monitoring your sleep.
  • Set the ‘Zmart Alarm’ which will wake you up when you are having light sleep, which means that the Zmart alarm will start monitoring your light sleep 15 to 30 minutes before your waking up time.
  • It is a companion app for your iPhone so that you can check your sleep patterns and other related information.
  • You can set a back alarm with your iPhone, and your iPhone will display a clock view if you wish.

Price: $4.99
Download Zleeper for Apple Watch

All these sleep tracking apps will be a great help for you if you wish to control your sleep in a better way so that you can work even better next day.

Do let us know about this tutorial and how it became helpful to you to get the best sleep. You can give your feedback here in the comments section.