All those Samsung Galaxy S4, S5 and S6 users must have experienced a creepy message from an unknown number saying, “4504 message not found“. Because there is no number attached or no knowledge about the number itself it is not easy to get rid of that either. But, now with this tutorial, we will know how to fix 4504 message not found error on your Android device.

There are three different procedures to work around this problem in total and believe us once you go through the process you will feel that they are very easy and it will take hardly few minutes of you as well. So before we know about these three processes, first let us know what exactly this 4504 Message Not Found error is all about.

How to Fix 4504 Message Not Found Error on Android: 3 Quick Solutions

What exactly is this 4504 Message Not Found Error?

This error surfaces when you enable the ‘Block the Unknown Senders’ option on your default messaging application of your Android smartphone. This action of yours makes your device unable to receive the text messages in a proper way. So when you receive the message, the message received as usual, but then it turns into 4504 message not found error.

Now we know the cause, let us go for the solutions.

Solution #1: Soft Reboot

Step #1. Press and hold the ‘Power’ button on your Android smartphone till you get the device options menu.

Step #2. Now tap on ‘Restart’ button to reboot your Android device.

Step #3. Once your device restarts check whether you got rid of the error or not in your message app.

Solution #2: Hard Reboot

If the above method doesn’t work then try ‘hard reboot.’ Here is how you can do it.

Step #1. Switch off your Android smartphone and pull out the battery.

Step #2. Wait for few seconds and then put the battery inside again and turn on your smartphone.

Step #3. Check your message app whether the ‘4504 message not found’ is fixed or not.

Solution #3: Reset your SIM card

If any of the above methods don’t work then the final option is to go for resetting your SIM card. Here is how you will do the process.

Step #1. Turn your Android smartphone off and take the SIM card off from the slot after removing the case.

Step #2. Wipe the SIM card with a soft cloth and replace it in its slot in your smartphone.

Step #3. Restart your smartphone and check is the error ‘4504 message not found’ still exist or not.

We firmly believe that one of these three methods should work and you will be able to fix the ‘4504 message not found’ error on your Android device easily.

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