We have got a list of such hidden tips and tricks of Snapchat to help you get the most out of the app and Snapchat like a pro. So what are you waiting for? Just head south and check out the list and start Snapchatting.

10 Best Snapchat tips and tricks you were not aware of

10 Best Snapchat tips and tricks:

#1. Use double filters

I am pretty sure that you have been using different filters while Snapchatting. But did you know that you can use two filters on the single picture? Yes, surely. You can use image filter along with one of the data label filters. To do so, first, apply any of the filters the image and hold one finger on the display and use another finger to choose a different filter.

#2. Use lenses on selfie

Basically, everyone tends to use selfie more than the rear camera while using Snapchat. So let’s add some humor to this selfie with lenses. Just press and hold the front facing camera viewfinder to explore the world of different lenses. Use the one that suits your picture and sends it to your friends for some crazy humor.

#3. Switching camera with a tap

In any case, if you need to take a photo of a group that is big enough to not fit for a selfie, then you’ll need to use the rear camera. It’s very easy to switch between cameras on Snapchat by just using a tap. You simply need to double tap camera viewfinder to switch between front or rear camera.

#4. Send gallery photos in Snapchat

Snapchat has recently introduced a new option of sending photos from Gallery. To do so, just press the Yellow button to start the camera. Right beside the capture button, you’ll see an icon that will navigate you to your phone’s gallery. Select the image from Gallery you wish to share.

#5. Live video chat

Live video chat is very much possible with Snapchat if the opposite user is online at the same time. In such a case, you’ll get a blue glowing button instead of a regular yellow button. Just press and hold the button to video chat; as soon as you take your finger off the button, video chat will end.

#6. Use advanced login for security

Snapchat deals with only images and thus, it needs to be secured. There have been certain hacks that enable hackers to get through your personal images, even though, Snapchat self-destructs it after few seconds. Head to Snapchat Settings > Login Verification and then tap on “Continue”. You can either your SMS verification or other reliable third party app like Google Authenticator.

#7. Use volume buttons to control camera

While taking a picture with stretched arms, it can really be hard to press the capture button. Instead of tapping the capture button, you can use volume button to capture the perfect shot on Snapchat. You can use either volume up or volume down to capture an image while the press and hold any to capture a video.

#8. Give your Snap videos a musical touch

Before you start recording a video on Snapchat, just play any of your favorite song or music in the background using any music app. Now get back to the Snapchat and start recording a video; the song will be automatically added to the video you just recorded.

#9. Add a text on your Snap

This one is pretty simple and quite easy to use. After you capture a snap, you’ll notice a “T” icon at the top-right side of the screen. Just tap that and add the text you wish to attach to the picture and send it to your friend.

#10. Change display name

Your friends might have set their display name to something weird that is too hard to remember and ultimately confusing you. Well, it’s quite simple to edit the display name of your friend. Just get to the contacts screen and from the list of “My friends”, select the friend you wish to change the display name. Select its settings and edit the display name. That’s it!

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