Over the holidays many of our readers have received Samsung Gear S3 smartwatches. We all know that these watches are direct competitors to Apple’s Smartwatch, so all eyes are on what features these Gear S3 watches are having. After going through the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of this newly launched Smartwatch from Samsung, we have come across 10 best Gear S3 tips and tricks which will make your using experience easier.

Even if you are planning to buy either Samsung Gear S3 Classic or Samsung Gear S3 Frontier, then too you got to read these tips and tricks so that you are ready to use them in a perfect manner right from the first day itself. So just put your attention to the article and read how these tips and tricks can be extremely helpful to you.

10 Tips and Tricks for Samsung Gear S3

#1. The Always On Watch Mode

Once you take your Gear S3 out of the box, it is ready to get activated as and when you prompt it. You can either raise the screen towards you, or you can tap on the physical buttons with your finger, and your display will be activated. If you wish, you can keep it like a normal watch, and it will display time always. For setting your Gear S3 as a normal watch go to Settings on the watch and then select the style.

#2. Turn the Box into Charging Stand

You will find best Samsung Gear S3 charging docks for sure, but you can easily make your box into charging stand. So, don’t throw away the box, just follow the instructions given in the Quick Start Guide page 5, and you can assemble the stand easily.

#3. Set the Icons

Where you want your apps to live is your choice. So just go to the app menu screen and keep pressing down on any app. This action will allow you to drag that app to another place. Simply drag the app icon to the Next Page icon, and you can shift that app to that page.

#4. Pair Your Watch with Android

You can pair your Gear S3 with any Android device if your Android device is having 4.4 or above and also has 1.5GB RAM free. If these two conditions are satisfied, then download the Samsung Gear App from Google Play Store. This app may also ask you to download two or three more apps which are must for your Gear S3, so just follow the prompts and install those apps. Sure you are aware that Gear S3 supports iPhone too.

#5. Load Music Instantly

There is a quick way to load your favorite music. Just swipe down from the main screen, and you will see the status panel. Now tap on the music note icon, and that’s it, the music player will be launched instantly.

#6. Pair with Bluetooth headphones

There is a rumor that once Spotify will be official starts streaming on your Gear S3 Frontier; you will need Bluetooth headsets. But, even now it is not a bad time to have a Bluetooth headset to pair with your Gear S3. Just go to the Settings and select Connections. Now press down to the Bluetooth and hit the Bluetooth headsets options. Your watch will start scanning and once you find your headset just pair it.

#7. Change the Watch Faces

Although you can change the watch faces from your Gear app on your mobile, it is very easy to change them from the watch itself. Just long press the current face and swipe right or left to choose your next watch face. If you see ‘Stylize’ option, then you can tap on it and can change the colors to customize the look of your watch face.

#8. Send SOS

Your Samsung Gear S3 is equipped with GPS so your watch can be tracked easily. If you get into any trouble and need some help, then press the Home key or the bottom physical button quickly 3 times, and the SOS message will be sent.

#9. Do Not Disturb

If you are about to enter in a meeting or something important, or you don’t want to disturb your sleep after a long tiring day then Do Not Disturb mode is the best option. Follow this path Settings → Device → Do Not Disturb and you are done! You can even schedule Do Not Disturb by enabling ‘Turn on as scheduled’ option.

#10. Quick restart your Gear S3

There is no such news on Gear S3 showing any bugs as now, but just in case you face any in future then just press and hold the Home button at the top for at least seven seconds and your Smartwatch will be rebooted, and bug must be fixed.

These were ten of the most important tips and tricks to know your Samsung Gear S3 better. You can now use this tips to make your Smartwatch experience smarter. Do share your feedback with us here in the comments section.