There are many ways of charging your smartphone. The most popular way is to charge from wall fixed plug, and the other way is to charge by power banks. With new flagship smartphones from Samsung, you can charge them with the best Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus wireless chargers. But you need best Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus car chargers when you are driving.

When you need to reach an important meeting, and you need your smartphones with full juice, you probably need one of these car chargers for sure. These car chargers are safe and have passed all the safety and quality standards. All of these car chargers are also equipped with smart technologies which will give you not only the fastest charging but also secure charging as well.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus Car ChargersBest Car Chargers for Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Car Charger Features  
Noot 2 Port Usb
Choetech 3.0 Usb Type
Trianium Dual Usb Port
Maxboost Quick Charge 3.0
Jelly Comb 3Ft Charge
Cellet Retractable Charger
Spigen Dual Output Usb
Nekteck 5.4A Usb-C
Usbelieve Rapid Car Charger
Ivoler Quick Charge 3.0

#1. Noot

A relatively new brand on offer here, but Noot car charger for Galaxy S8/S8 Plus is no less in providing quality charging and safety. All those necessary measures are taken in this car charger with an extra addition of great look.

samsung galaxy s8 car chargerFeatures of Noot Car Charger

  • Equipped with 36W Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 which provides safe charging.
  • You can charge two devices at the same time while driving the car.
  • Each USB port auto-detects the amount of charging power a device needs and charges it accordingly.
  • There is also a 3 feet USB 2.0 Type C to A charging cable provided with the pack for a comfortable placing of your device.
  • Noot offers 24 months hassle free warranty.

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Although you can proudly attach CHOETECH’s name with any accessory, it provides for a smart gadget, but when it comes to car chargers, there is hardly any alternative to this brand. You can always depend and trust any car charger produced by CHOETECH, and this one is no different.

samsung galaxy s8 plus car chargerFeatures of CHOETECH car charger

  • The CHOETECH car charger can charge your device four times faster.
  • Auto detect port at the bottom which makes sure fastest charging speed possible.
  • Compatible with most of the Android devices along with Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus that gives you more flexibility.
  • Meets any of your charging demands and charges your device at full speed.
  • Secured from over current, overcharging and short circuit.
  • Get 18-month warranty with this product.

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#3. Trianium

A very compact looking Trianium car charger is here for your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphone. Because of its compact design, it is very easy to carry, and you can even put it in your pocket or a small pocket of your traveling bag.

car charger for galaxy s8Features of Trianium Car Charger

  • While using this car charger your device’s charging time will be reduced by 70%
    Equipped with Quick Charge 3.0 technology for safe charging.
  • Allows two devices to charge simultaneously.
  • Blue colored LED light at the top indicates that charger is ready to use.
  • Safety is certified and hence guaranteed as this car charger protects your device from any serious dangers.
  • Made with heavy duty aluminum frame which will ensure its durability.
  • Compatible with most of the Android devices which will allow you flexibility.
  • Get 12 months hassle free warranty and friendly customer services.

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#4. Maxboost

Maxboost is another trusted brand which has an exceptional capability in manufacturing some excellent car chargers for us. This car charger which is although compatible with many Android devices and also with iPhones it will certainly match your charging requirements for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

galaxy s8 car chargerFeatures of Maxboost Car Charger

  • Certified Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 Port output.
  • Integrated 3FT microUSB cable for easy charging.
  • Get your device charged with almost 80% fast charging than many other car chargers available in the market.
  • Identifies smart devices automatically and provides charging accordingly.
  • Also, has backward compatible with all the version of Qualcomm Quick Charge Technology.
  • External soft glow LED ring lights up while plugged and can be useful in the dark and will not distract while driving.

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#5. Jelly Comb

Jelly Comb car charger we are going to present now carries an entirely different design. Without going much into its design, this car charger for Jelly Comb can be a good option for you to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus while driving.

car charger for galaxy s8 plusFeatures of Jelly Comb Car Charger

  • Different design, Fast charging to three different smart devices at once.
  • Freely charge your smartphone while on the drive with all the standard functions of it are on.
  • The inbuilt 3 feet Type C cable makes it easy for you to have easy charging.
  • The SI Smart Identification technique allows intelligent identification of all 5V devices, and hence it delivers exactly the right amount of power as per your device’s needs.
  • Secure against over current, over voltage, overload, and short circuit.
  • Charging stops automatically after your device is fully charged.
  • Inbuilt LED indicator allows the ease of usage at night without getting distracted while driving.

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#6. Cellet

One can easily say that this car charger from Cellet is a typical car charger for any smartphone including Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. It has almost all the features that you require in a car charger, and it doesn’t make any extraordinary shouting about it. What’s more, this Cellet car charger is one of the most reviewed car chargers on Amazon!

galaxy s8 usb car chargerFeatures of Cellet Car Charger

  • Best suited for Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and also compatible with other smartphones and tablets.
  • 15 Watts / 3 AMPS output.
  • As per new industry standards, it has a capacity of reversible USB Type-C connector.
  • Guarantees 3 years of hassle free warranty.
  • Blue color light helpful in dark conditions.

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#7. Spigen

There can be no list of accessory declared complete until and unless there is a product from Spigen in it. Spigen is a market leader in smartphone accessories, and it provides top most quality of accessories and this car charger from Spigen is no different.

galaxy s8 plus usb car chargerFeatures of Spigen Car Charger

  • Charge two devices at the same time with this car charger.
  • Get the highly efficient charging speed for both the devices.
  • Total risk-free charging from over current and over charging.
  • No worries about overheating as well as charging will stop once the device is fully charged.
  • Compatible with the latest industry standards to match all the safety measures.
  • Four-time fast charging than the standard charging.
  • Up to 38% more efficient charging than many other car chargers available in the market currently.

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#8. Nekteck

Nekteck is another known brand for car chargers, and this piece is also very popular among its users as it has got great rankings on Amazon. This is a USB Type C car charger which is equipped with the latest requirements of the industry, and hence you can have safe charging of your smartphone.

galaxy s8 fast car chargerFeatures of Nekteck Car Charger

  • Superior quality USB C 3.1 for easy charging.
  • A newly designed car charger for your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus which is fully reversible.
  • Allows plugin without fail no matter how you are holding and inserting the cable.
  • Equipped with Smart sense IC technology which identifies the device and how much charging it needs.
  • Made from high-quality fireproof anti-oxidation aluminum pull tab.
  • Certified by RoHS, CE & FCC authorities for guaranteed safety and high performance.

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#9. USBelieve

An excellent car charger from USBelieve which provides 27W power with an inbuilt cable. The cable can give you a good comfortable charging extension while you are driving. For the rapid charging of your Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, you should take a look at this car charger’s features.

galaxy s8 plus fast car chargerFeatures of USBelieve Car Charger

  • Apart from S8 and S8 Plus, this car charger is compatible with most of the smart gadgets.
  • With 1 USB Port and 1 USB-C Cable, you can charge two devices at the same time.
  • Adds minimum bulk to your device and can put it in your bag and purse without any trouble.
  • Gives 12/18 volt output and it is compatible with all standard cigarette-lighter sockets.

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#10. iVoler

iVoler is another respected brand in car chargers, and that is visible in the number of rankings it has got on Amazon. More than 1100 users have ranked this product as their top choice product. So, we can easily trust this car charger for sure.

usb car charger for galaxy s8 and s8 plusFeatures of iVoler Car Charger

  • Charge your device four times faster than any other car charger from this.
  • It has a backward compatibility with all the versions of Qualcomm Quick Charge technology.
  • Certified by CE, FCC, and RoHS, so safety is always guaranteed.
  • Made from A grade materials and premium circuitry ensures the best performance.
  • Multiple inbuilt safeguards will give protection against overcurrent, overcharging and overheating.
  • Get 3.3ft long USB type C cable for flexible charging.
  • The company offers 18 months warranty.

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Now you must get the idea that all these car chargers we introduced above are highly secured from overheating, overcharging and short circuit. Not only the safety purpose, but most of the charger comes with either inbuilt or unattached USB C Type cable so that you can have a greater flexibility while charging and driving.

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We believe there can’t be any greater or better list of the best Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus car chargers for than what you will get above. So, start selecting a car charger for your Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus now and once you get the charger delivered and start using do give us your feedback.

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