After providing the list of best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cases, it’s now time to go more specific towards the danger of accidental drops and shocks. These two most harmful elements can break your phone within no time and that too unexpectedly. So to fight these elements here are the suggestions to buy the best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus bumper cases.

Almost all the bumper cases suggested here are made from premium quality TPU which in itself has a quality to absorb shocks arising from accidental drops and falls. Not only the protection, but we have also taken care of your color and style choices as well.

So, all in all, you will have the plethora of options of best bumper cases for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Bumper CasesBest Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Bumper Cases

Bumper Cases  

#1. Comsoon

Just take a look at this beautiful clear-cum-bumper case from Comsoon made for Samsung Galaxy S8+ only. Because of its exclusive design, one can easily access all the buttons and ports of this Samsung Flagship smartphone without any trouble. Let us know more about this product.

comsoon samsung galaxy s8 plus bumper caseFeatures of Comsoon Bumper Case

  • Made from a very high-quality TPU which also has anti-yellowing materials.
  • The material is extremely lightweight and also protect the phone from scratches, dirt, and dust.
  • The raised edges of this case, which are easily visible, will make sure that the case remains ‘all surface case’ and hence no surface will be allowed to scratch the screen or the camera lens.
  • There are extra bumpers installed on all four corners of this case, and that will absorb any shock arising from accidental fall or drop.

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#2. GeekZone

GeekZone is relatively new brand found on Amazon for smartphone accessories, but its bumper case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is getting good reviews from its users, and that prompted us to include this product in this exclusive list.

geekzone galaxy s8 plus bumper caseFeatures of GeekZone Bumper Case

  • Soft and transparent TPU is soft on the body of your smartphone, but it is extremely tough on scratches and other harmful elements.
  • This is also a slim fit bumper case which means that the original shape and color of Samsung Galaxy S8+ will never be compromised.
  • Bumpers at all four corners of the case will absorb all types of shocks and will keep the smartphone safe from them always.

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#3. Cutebe

The design and pattern embossed on the back of this Cutebe bumper case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus will certainly attract the female users for sure. There are five different color and patterns you can select from and make your smartphone your style statement, so are you ready for that?

cutebe galaxy s8 plus tpu bumper caseFeatures of Cutebe Bumper Case

  • Some extra protection against scratches, dusting and also dirt, and hence it will remain in shape always.
  • The hybrid material used in this case will give you pure and the best feeling on your finger while you are holding your phone.
  • The material is also eco-friendly as it is made from high quality environmentally friendly materials which are scentless and harmless to your health.

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#4. E LV

This bumper case from E LV for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a robust looking heavy duty case, and its very look can answer all your questions regarding the security of your smartphone. Unlike some other bumper cases, we talked about this case comes in five different color combinations as well, which can be an added advantage.

e lv galaxy s8 plus armor bumper caseFeatures of E LV Bumper Case

  • The two-tone color combination gives both stylish and professional look to your Samsung Galaxy S8+.
  • The cushioned pockets are reinforced by a TPU polycarbonate shell along with its inner, which will provide superior drop protection to the phone.
  • The bumpers are strategically placed, and that is why they will give an enhanced handheld experience, and the phone will not slip out of your hands while holding.
  • Get all functions at your fingertips like the power button, camera, volume and also fingerprint features due to its precise cuts.

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#5. i-Blason

i-Blason is very known brand across the smartphone accessories market online. Perhaps that is the reason why the bumper case from i-Blason for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone has got a good number of engagements with the users on Amazon, and it currently has the highest rankings as well.

i-blason galaxy s8 plus heavy duty bumper caseFeatures of i-Blason Bumper Case

  • This bumper case from i-Blason covers the full body of your Galaxy S8 Plus, and hence your smartphone is fully safe from harmful elements.
  • The bumpers are so precisely fit that they will reduce the shocks arising from accidental drops and falls and will distribute the impact equally.
  • The back of this cover is also damage-resistant, so even if your smartphone falls flat, it will remain protected as well.
  • There are multiple color options available with this case which should help you to decide which case meets your style.

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#6. EasyAcc

This is another simple bumper case for Galaxy S8 Plus, and EasyAcc produces it, which is also a known brand for providing high-quality cases for smartphones. If you want to buy a bumper case which sticks with its basic features without too much fuss then this is the case for you.

easyacc shockproof bumper case for galaxy s8 plusFeatures of EasyAcc Bumper Case

  • The frame of this case is a product of the soft TPU, and the shock absorption technology is working great due to the reinforced corners.
  • The back of this cover is an acrylic made which is transparent and is proof against yellowing, so the case will stay like new for years to come.
  • The frame is also a TPU made, and it has an anti-slip grip which will not only keep the smartphone safe in your hands, but it will also feel good on your fingers.

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#7. Caseology

You will find many Caseology bumper case users for Galaxy S8 Plus smartphone on Amazon which are highly satisfied with this product and are ranking it pretty high on this online website as well. If you find a high trust level for any such product, it will be very easy to purchase that product right?

caseology bumper frame case for galaxy s8 plusFeatures of Caseology Bumper Case

  • A single piece material used in this bumper case which means it has a flawless texture, and that will be an advantage as the look of your smartphone will remain the same.
  • The material used is also a premium material, and it is anti-scratch, anti-stain, and anti-yellowing.
  • The four strong PC bumper frame and also corner cushions made from PC only will give complete protection from drops and bumps.
  • Responsive button covers, precise cutouts and raised camera and screen bezels provide ultimate security to the phone.

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#8. Poetic

The sides of this bumper case for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus are designed with anti-slip grip, so whenever you hold the smartphone in your hands, it is extremely safe. The bumper case is available in two color choices, black and clear, so which one you are going to select?

poetic galaxy s8 plus bumper case coverFeatures of Poetic Bumper Case

  • The name Poetic is enough to put your trust in this bumper case, and that is why it is rated very highly by its users on Amazon.
  • The design of this bumper case is called by X-Form, and that contains transparent polycarbonate and soft shockproof TPU for extra shock protection.
  • The same X-Form protection has an engineered corner design, and that means that the shocks will be evenly distributed and the phone will remain safe.
  • The back of the case has raised which will prevent scratching and shall maintain full clarity for an extended period.
  • All four corners of the case are also raised so even if you put your phone upside down then too its screen will remain protected against scratches.

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This bumper case from PHEZEN for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus has an entirely different design then rest of the bumper cases we are offering here. This case covers both front and back of the phone, and that means that it gives your smartphone a 360-degree protection. Let us know more about it.

PHEZEN tpu bumper case for galaxy s8 plusFeatures of PHEZEN Bumper Case

  • The inner dotted marks will prevent air bubbles and also the watermarks that have a prospect to affect the appearance of your phone.
  • The case protects both front and back body of the phone hence your phone is doubly safe from drops, knocks, scratches, and scrapes.
  • There is no need to have the screen protector if you install this bumper case on your Galaxy S8 Plus as it protects the front as well.
  • Full visual transparency is guaranteed along with the original touch feeling from the front cover.

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#10 RhinoShield

RhinoShield is known for manufacturing some of the toughest screen protectors for smartphones, and now it is presenting a sturdy bumper case for Samsung Galaxy S8+. Yes, it is a sturdy bumper case because it has passed 11 feet drop test and thus you can trust this case for sure.

RhinoShield samsung galaxy s8 plus bumper coverFeatures of RhinoShield Bumper Case

  • Precise cuts for all the buttons and ports, it also fits most of the cables, and it is also compatible with most of the best-tempered glass screen protectors for Galaxy S8 Plus.
  • Raised bezels will make it sure that your screen along with the camera lens remains safe from any scratches if put directly on the surface.
  • RhinoShield also offers a lifetime hassle-free warranty so secure your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for its entire life.

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So, how did you like our list of best Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus bumper cases? Do let us know your feedback on the product which you decide to buy from the above list.

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