You must be feeling proud holding the smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S8 in your hand, and you should make it sure that if you add some style to it through a protective case, you can make your phone look even more glamorous. Leather cases can be a big help when it comes to glamorizing the smartphone. The leather used in these cases shine better, and they also are sturdy to give the smartphone long lasting protection.

10 Best Samsung Galaxy S8 Leather Cases

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#1. Huihong

The first product we are offering is a flip case from Huihong, designed exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S8. This leather case can also be termed as a wallet case as it has three card slots where you can keep credit cards or debit cards. We have selected this product purely by its functioning as a leather case.

Features of Huihong Leather Case

  • Made from genuine cowhide leather which is sturdy and durable and has an amazing texture which makes this leather case look posh.
  • The Huihong leather case for Samsung Galaxy S8 covers all four corners which will keep the camera lens safe from scratching or touching the surface.
  • The case crafted beautifully and also in classic low profile design, and yet it will not be out of the trend because of its enhanced looks.
  • The genuine cowhide leather makes it feel great on your fingers while you are holding the phone in your hand and can suggest your style as well.

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#2. Casology

When you first look at this leather case from Casology made for Samsung Galaxy S8, you might mistakenly take it as a typical protective case, but as a matter of fact, it is a leather case made from a premium PU leather. The front of your phone will remain open while the back of it is well covered by this leather case.

Features of Caseology Leather Case

  • This is a slim fit leather case, and hence it is very easy to install and remove.
  • The design is sleek, and hence the original shape of the smartphone is protected, and its textured grip will help to hold the phone better.
  • The cuts of the case are so precise that you can easily access all the buttons and ports even when the phone is inside the case.
  • The Casology leather case for Samsung Galaxy S8 is available in two color choices of black and cherry oak to enhance the look of the smartphone.

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#3. AlScell

If you are looking for the best Samsung Galaxy S8 leather case which looks different than the other leather cases and also gives you some great amenities, then have a look at this leather case from AlScell. One can easily call this leather case as an ‘absolute stunner’! Why? Let us know more about it.

Features of AlScell Leather Case

  • This leather case is a brand new product of AlScell and thus you can remain assured that it is one of the finest leather cases around and shall last really long.
  • The leather case has a pouch style design and has a waist belt loop at the back of it which means that this faux leather case is made to carry the phone easily.
  • The interior of this case is lined with tan synthetic leather which protects the smartphones from minor bumps and shock.
  • There is a magnetic closing flap which enables the pouch to keep the phone firmly inside and give it 100% and all around protection.

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#4. icarercase

All those vintage case lovers should give a good look at this leather case for Samsung Galaxy S8 from icarercase. The material, the color, the design and the look, all will take you some years back when you used to have such cases for other devices. One of the must look products in this list.

Features of icarercase Leather Case

  • Made from 100% genuine cowhide leather which is also a handmade case and feels great while holding the phone and it also durable.
  • The texture of the leather may look like an imperfection, but on the contrary, it is the reason which makes this case look and work differently than the other cases.
  • The magnetic closure and the flip style opening makes it easy to hold the phone strong, and the phone will fit inside this case as your fingers and palm fit inside the glove.

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#5. AGOZ

If you want to purchase the best Samsung Galaxy S8 leather case in a pouch design, then this leather case from AGOZ can certainly meet your needs. This leather case is a product of the premium quality leather, and it has a holster with belt clip and belt loops.

Features of AGOZ Leather Case

  • Despite being a pouch case it has a slim fit design, and hence the original shape of the smartphone is not compromised, and it adds no bulk to the phone.
  • The belt clip of the case is also durable, and there are additional secure belt loops.
  • The design is stylish and fits well especially with professionals who are always on the move and need to answer the calls and messages frequently.
  • The soft inner of the case helps to protect the Samsung Galaxy S8 from nicks, dirt, dust and also scratches while giving a soft feel to the phone.

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#6. Minertech

Purchase the leather case for Samsung Galaxy S8 from Minertech and you will surprise your friends easily with its unique design and also the technology it carries. Not all the leather cases have a sleep wake up feature, but this case certainly has it, and that is what make it a unique case for sure.

Features of Minertech Leather Case

  • The sleep and wake feature works pretty easily, when you close the flip the phone will go to sleep automatically, and when you open it, it will awake.
  • The case is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8, and hence it fits the phone perfectly and gives the user full access to all the buttons and ports.
  • Give the smartphone a complete and all-around protection from dirt, dust, and scratches with this case along with comprehensive protection against scratches.
  • If you already have this case then because of its unique features, this can also become a great gift idea for your family members, relatives, buddies or even coworkers.

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The BOMEA leather case for Samsung Galaxy S8 is an all-weather case because it can protect the smartphone from any unwanted and harmful elements always. Harmful elements like dirt, dust, scratches and even bumps can do nothing if you are protecting the phone with this leather case.

Features of BOMEA Leather Case

  • Despite being an extra-large sized, this pouch case fits the Samsung Galaxy S8 very well and due to the large size it also gets a much-needed room inside of it.
  • Made from premium quality leather this pouch case has a magnetic closure to keep the phone safe inside of it when you are wearing it with your waist belt.
  • Because of its XL size, it can accommodate the phone which is already inside one of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 cases, including heavy duty cases.
  • There are two additional belt loops at the back of the case for providing extra security to the phone, and they will last long as well.

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A cowhide leather which is the main ingredient of this flip leather case gives it a spectacular look for sure. Along with the leather texture, the two color options like brown and black are also increasing the overall look of the Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone, all in all, it is a win-win situation for you.

Features of SHELDON Leather Case

  • Despite being a flip case, this leather case has two slots for your credit and debit cards to give you an extra facility.
  • Just switch the flip to the horizontal position, and it will act as a firm stand or in other words, the kickstand and thus you can watch your favorite videos and movies in hands-free comfort.
  • Because of its slim profile, it is handy and durable, as the user can work on any function he wants including the fingerprint sensor to unlock.

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#9. Amabin

The first thing your eyes will catch from this leather case for Samsung Galaxy S8 from Amabin is its dotted texture. This texture is different, looking great and not only that it helps in a way, to hold the phone in the best way possible when it is caused.

Features of Amabin Leather Case

  • Excellent handmade reflects in every detail of this leather case, be it rich body, subtle colors, practical, comfortable in feel.
  • Forget about fingerprints, stains, scratches, etc. damaging the look and overall performance of the smartphone if it is protected by this leather case.
  • The practical design of this case gives comfort to the user, and it can be a great gift idea for any of your friend or coworker who is using Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

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#10. Cleghorn Case

At the very end of this exclusive list of the best Samsung Galaxy S8 leather cases, we are presenting an entirely different case which will certainly steal your heart. You may all this a flip case but it has a vertical shape, and that is where the uniqueness lies with it.

Features of Cleghorn Leather Case

  • The design is stylish, and the vertical shape makes it extremely compact and easy to handle and also easy to put in the pocket as well.
  • The case is designed in such a way that it covers the entire body of the Samsung Galaxy S8, and thus it will get an overall protection.
  • This case has one durable belt clip plus two additional secure belt loops and front magnetic closure which completes the secure portion of the case.
  • The company also provides screen protector and cleaning cloth along with this case which can become handy for the users to keep the phone clean and safe always.

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We are sure that these suggestions to buy the best Samsung Galaxy S8 leather cases will make it easy to select a leather case for your new smartphone. We are waiting for your feedback here in the comments section.