It is critical for many of us to receive a call from someone even when we are working out in the gym. But at the same time, you can’t put your Smartphone away or put anywhere else just like that. To solve that problem with newly launched Samsung smartphones, we bring the best Samsung Galaxy S8 armbands, selected for you only.

Just like we care about touch sensitiveness while selecting the best Samsung Galaxy S8 screen protectors, we care the same while choosing an armband for Galaxy S8. Don’t worry all of these armbands have top class touch sensitive access at the front and this is not it, they are loaded with many features as well.

Best Samsung Galaxy S8 ArmbandsBest Samsung Galaxy S8 Armbands

Galaxy S8 Armbands  

#1. iMangoo

This is a universal armband from iMangoo, which can fit any smartphone, but since it can definitely fit Samsung Galaxy S8, we are including it on our list. This armband is made from top grade material, which actually gives comfort even when your arms are sweaty due to extreme workouts. Let us know more about this armband.

imangoo samsung galaxy s8 armbandFeatures of iMangoo Armband

  • Premium Nylon/Neoprene material is human skin friendly, and it is durable, washable, and there will not be any pungent smell.
  • Three pockets where you can put your cards, IDs, cash and also a slim power bank, not to mention your keys.
  • The strap is fully adjustable to any arm size and extremely responsive.
  • Special cut for the headphone jack hence the wire won’t get tangled under any extreme circumstances.

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Presenting an armband for your Samsung Galaxy S8 from a relatively new brand called JEMACHE. The brand may be not much popular but let us assure you that this armband is fully equipped with all the facilities and comfort you require when you are into an extreme workout session. Not only that if you like to go for a run at night, but there is also a printed reflective strip for your safety.

jemache galaxy s8 workout enhanced armbandFeatures of JEMACHE Armband

  • Made from the top grade neoprene, which is breathable and will give you soft and odor-free feeling all the time.
  • The design of this armband is unique and humanized which is carved out of a durable fabric over-edging in all selvage to prevent tearing apart during strenuous exercising sessions.
  • The armband provides large and extendable size range, which can fit any size of the arm.
  • Carry key, cards and even cash in the inbuilt water resistant pocket.

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This is a universal armband from PORTHOLIC which is another ‘not so known brand’ on Amazon, but still, it is providing a quality armband for your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. This armband too has a pocket where you can store your keys, cards, and cash when you are exercising hard without fearing the important things getting lost.

portholic galaxy s8 workout armbandFeatures of PORTHOLIC Armband

  • Made from skin friendly breathable combination of Lycra and neoprene that allows long time workout without getting irritation.
  • Apart from the quality of the material, this armband is extremely flexible, and thus it can fit almost any size of the arm.
  • The HD transparent PVC front cover allows the LCD to function as normal and also provides easy access to your smartphone when you exercise.
  • Get the lifetime warranty from PORTHOLIC and get a hassle-free replacement if you are not satisfied with the product.

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#4. Jarv

Select this special armband made for your Galaxy S8 smartphone, which has a special right side up pocket so that you can read the display really easily unlike some of the other armbands available in the market. With such display friendliness you can easily operate all the functions of your smartphone and hence you can enjoy your exercise even more.

jarv sports running armband for galaxy s8Features of Jarv Armband

  • Another unique feature of this armband is that you can fit your smartphone inside the pocket with or without the protective case; mind you not all armbands carry this feature.
  • Very comfortable to wear as it is lightweight and because of the durable material it will last long and will still remain in its original shape.
  • Any arm size between 9 to 17 inches can easily fit into this armband, and that means all men, women, and teenagers can use it.
  • The neoprene material is also sweat proof and easy to wash so the armband will not get dirty or your phone will not be affected due to sweat.

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This incredibly great looking armband for your Samsung Galaxy S8 is furnished by SUPTMAX. What makes this armband different than the many others we are discussing today is that the color choices it offers. You can select your armband between Rose Red, Green, Blue and Black and that will make your armband look different than the rest of the people at the gym.

suptmax galaxy s8 armbandFeatures of SUPTMAX Armband

  • The face cover of the armband pouch is made from the clear scratch resistant material hence your smartphone’s screen remains safe from scratch.
  • The material used in the armband is extremely flexible, and it can be stretched to any size of an arm, and thus it makes this armband a universal armband.
  • Carry ID, credit or debit cards and even some cash with security in the extra pocket provided in the armband.

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#6. uFashion3C

A Samsung Galaxy S8 compatible armband from uFashion3C has a strong look which can give you comfort that this armband can face any extreme conditions. The lightweight, soft neoprene, which is molded to twist and bend but it, will never go out of the shape.

ufashion3c sports armband for galaxy s8Features of uFashion3C Armband

  • It is very easy to clean this armband with gentle soap and water. Once it is clean just put it for air dry.
  • The box is touch screen friendly so you can access all the touch features quickly.
  • A unique key holder to keep your keys and also an earbud jack which allows you to access music.
  • Best armband for running, fitness, workout, exercise, gym, cycling, jogging and more.

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MELOP is a very well known brand for providing quality smartphone accessories. MELOP’s Armband for Samsung Galaxy S8 is excellent against sweat and it is also waterproof, and hence it is very easy to clean it with water once you finish your hard workout wearing this armband.

melop armband for samsung galaxy s8Features of MELOP Armband

  • Manufactured by taking the extreme needs of professional sportspersons in mind and hence it can fight any amount of sweating even for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Two side holes for accessing the headphones and also great getting direct and easy access to the touch screen when the armband is in use.
  • Best armband for jogging, running, exercising and even yoga and cycling as well.

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#8. Trianium

A universal armband by Trianium is also compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. For comfortable wearing all through your jogging, running, cycling, yoga or gym sessions you should give a long hard look at this armband from a known and reputed brand for smartphone accessories.

trianium armband for galaxy s8Features of Trianium Armband

  • Apart from the exercise methods mentioned above, this armband can also be used for hiking, biking, and walking and it will still give you the desired result.
  • The belt is stretchable so it can fit any arm size, but the best thing about this is that despite repeated use this armband never goes out of the shape.
  • Get the complete comfort even when you have an extended session of exercise, and your arm is sweaty.
  • There is a secret compartment, which can store your house key or car key when you are busy exercising.

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#9. Zestrend

This is a unique armband because it is entirely different than what we discussed till now. Usually, you wear an armband on your arm, but the design of this piece is such that you can wear it only on the wrist. We believe this design allows perfect solutions to those sportspersons who like to do lots of cycling.

zestrend galaxy s8 running armbandFeatures of Zestrend Armband

  • Not only cycling but also this armband can be your best buddy while playing any sports because of its unique and user-friendly design.
  • It protects and holds your device while exercising perfectly, so your phone will not fell off from the armband.
  • The PVC filter and sensitive main touch screen operation, you can enjoy the full interaction with your phone at any time.
  • There is two multi-slot adjustable Velcro will fit any forearm size easily.
  • The reflective stripe allows you for safe running or cycling during the low light conditions or at night.

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#10. Avarious

Just like the name Avarious, this armband made for Samsung Galaxy s8 smartphone offers you a various range of color combination to choose from. So, apart from selecting a perfect armband for your smartphone, you can also take care of your style and your favorite color as well.

avarious workout armband for samsung galaxy s8Features of Avarious Armband

  • Fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy S8 as it keeps the smartphone fit within the safety or the front pouch.
  • It is a lightweight and comfortable armband so you would hardly feel wearing it when you are working out hard.
  • Fully protective against any amount of sweat and will maintain the comfort level even in the extreme workout conditions.
  • Adjustable Velcro strap can fit any small or large sized arms easily.

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With this, we come to an end of the list of the suggestions to buy the best Samsung Galaxy S8 armbands. Hopefully, you will select an armband for your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone from this list.

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