If you are in possession of Samsung Galaxy Note then you must be aware that how this Phablet is different than any other such device around. Where others are still painting their fingers, you with your Samsung Galaxy Note can aimlessly write anything on the screen with its S Pen. So! All in all the S Pen is the major difference between the Galaxy Note and the rest of the phablets for sure. Because of this major difference, the Samsung Galaxy Note has its own fanbase and they remain firm with their beloved gadget always.

Samsung too knows this fan-following and that is why they have given some wonderful software which supports S-Pen in the Galaxy Note 5, but then it doesn’t satisfy those who are in love with S Pen and use it frequently. So the solution is to find apps in the Google Play Store which support S Pen and believe us there are plenty of apps which can let you do photo editing, illustrations, note-taking and even playing games!

So what you are waiting for? Just go through this article and pick which app from Google Play Store you think is the best suit for your S Pen?

10 Best S Pen Apps for Samsung Galaxy Note

#1. Colorfy

Coloring books for the grown-ups is the new trend and it has become hot as well. The life is full of stress and coloring books will certainly help to reduce that stress in a big way. So Colorfy is one such app which you can use for coloring and that too by using your S Pen on your Galaxy Note. Mind you, the app doesn’t allow you to do the free-hand coloring but instead it allows you to choose a color which is suitable for a painting on offer. There are plenty of drawings to choose from. You can also color some random dots and believe us it’s quite a fun to do it. The primary app is free but you can buy additional colors via an in-app purchase.

Download Colorfy

#2. HandWrite Pro Note & Draw

If you love the vector-based drawing app then this could be the answer for you. The HandWrite Pro Note & Draw a plenty of tools which can help you to manipulate images along with the traditional pen inputs which you always love to put as your style. The main app is totally free but if you upgrade to the premium package then you will be able to export the file in SVG format which you can use it for an edit on your desktop. If you are a fan of calligraphy then this app will certainly help you to use its calligraphic pen and by using it you can showcase your calligraphy skills as well.

Download HandWrite Pro Note & Draw

#3. Squid

If we say that Squid lets your write down notes just like you do on your Galaxy Note, then you will say that there are plenty of apps for that and what is so different Squid has to offer? Well if Squid was not offering you anything different than the rest of such apps then it wouldn’t have featured on this list right? The major difference Squid offers you is to allow you to mark up PDFs. Not only this you can even export the file as PDF too! You can also import images and can draw different shapes on it. The best part of Squid is that you can broadcast your art by using Chromecast of Miracast.

Download Squid

#4. Scribble Racer

For those who believe that S Pen is meant for writing and drawing stuffs only, they will be in shock to know that Scribble Racer is actually a game which you can play by using your S Pen. This game is made for S Pen users only and all you need to do is to remain inside the lines of the obstacles coming your way when the screen scrolls along with it. There are three different challenges and they increase by the means of speed getting rapid. Although this app works with most of the stylus or even with your finger but because the S Pen has a tiny tip it will give you more accuracy. The app is free but if you don’t want to see the ads running then you can pay just $1 to get rid of them.

Download Scribble Racer

#5. Google Handwriting Input

The meaning of using S Pen is that you can do plentiful of things when it comes to handwriting on your Galaxy Note. Google has just recently launched Google Handwriting Input which is a keyboard and can become the perfect partner for you if love the styles. This Android tool can translate your handwriting into text. Not only this it can even recognize cursives too. This will be helpful for those kids who are still learning how to use the keyboard or for those people who still prefer to write things over a keyboard. If you don’t want to use this keyboard the app will let you go back to the normal Google Keyboard once you press on the globe icon.

Download Google Handwriting Input

#6. How to Draw

If you are a style lover then you probably would love to draw some doodles easily on your phone because you got all the necessary equipment to do so. But what if you don’t know how to draw then? Well then let your Samsung Galaxy Note comes in the picture to help you. The app How to Draw has been named properly as it will teach you drawing step by step. The app just helps you to use the basic skills which will let your awful pictures turn into good looking objects!

Download How to Draw

#7. Autodesk Sketchbook

Getting bored in the meeting but got some skill of sketching? Then the Autodesk Sketchbook won’t disappoint you. It will help you to make fantastic doodles on your own. The app provides a blank slate and limitless color choices along with several pen options which will let your creation go beyond boundaries. What is the best thing we have found in this app is that it will let you zoom the picture up to 2500 percent which will help you to get precision because it is combined with your S Pen? By paying $3.99 you will get 100 more preset pens, pencils, markers and brushes along with guides, rules, and options. You can also connect this app with the Dropbox.

Download Sketchbook

#8. Snapseed

Sometimes back we felt that Google has forgotten its Snapseed app, but not it is back with a bang! This app will certainly help you to edit photos with the help of your S Pen. You can add some great fillers like you do on Instagram. The app provides precise editing tools like spot repair, brush and much more. There are many other options available to do such things with photos but if you want a free solution then this is the best solution for you. You need to remember that Google updates this app pretty frequently and hence you need to keep an eye on the latest updates more.

Download Snapseed

#9. MyScript

MyScript is actually a bundle of three different apps which is perfect for a Galaxy Note. This one has an app which is called MyScript Calculator where you can write with your S Pen and it will translate it into numbers and then solve the problem. The best part of this is that you can directly use X to multiply rather than the good old dot operator. The second app Mycript Smart Note which is one more note making the option for you. The app will recognize your written words and it will also let you stretch them. MyScript Stylus is to use the stylus to add text anywhere on your device by translating your writing into a text. The only drawback here is its beta version which may create few hiccups or bugs.

Download MyScript App Bundle

#10. Adobe Fill & Sign DC

Now no need to get irritated when you receive your email next time which requires the actual signature. You can just use your S Pen to do the job for you as we have found a very able app called Adobe Fill & Sign DC. All you need to do is to create a signature and then the app will turn it into a PDF and will insert it where ever you want it to use. You may also like to create a form-fill profile so you can quickly insert the information to all those tiring long forms. This app will also help you to transform a clicked picture into a digital format.

Download Adobe Fill & Sign DC

Hope after reading this article you must have got the idea on how you can use your S-Pen in plenty of different ways than you are using it right now. Do let us know among the list above, which app appealed you and how is your experience with it. Do let us know your views here in comments.