The apps advised here are meant to save your time and boost your business which is your main aim. Just go through this list of best productivity apps for Mac.

Productivity is what? Productivity is getting benefit by using some helping tools to concentrate more on actual job and not much on the things which are small parts of your work. In short, productivity means producing more benefits out of your work and best productivity apps for Mac will certainly help you to get more from your machine.

These best Mac Productivity apps are designed to reduce your workload and increase efficiency. With these apps, you will not only able to finish your work easily, but you will also start enjoying it. When you start to enjoy your job, it will bound to lead you towards success.

10 Best Productivity Apps for Mac 2016-2017

#1. Alfred

If you prefer keyboard of your Mac more than your mouse, then you got to get Alfred first on it. Alfred is an app where you can use hotkeys or keywords which will let you launch apps and files faster than you normally would do. You can find any text, image or any file which you copied early by using its clipboard history. If I want to tell you about the benefits of Alfred, then I would say that it will help you to do your repetitive works easily with keywords, hotkeys, and actions.

Download Alfred for Mac

#2. 1Password

Never mind about the security of your passwords anymore as you now have 1Password app for your Mac. Till now you either keep your important passwords in memory or note them down in a document. The worrying part about these is that there are chances that you might forget them or you are always in scare of that document getting stolen. With 1Password app you can store all your passwords securely, or you ask the app to generate a password for you.

Not only that 1Password will always keep an eye on whether you are at risk or not and if you are in danger then it will let you know that it is about time you change your password. If you are leading a team then too 1Password comes to your rescue as you can create more than one vaults for each of your team members. You can even share your passwords with someone you trust by using 1Password, provided that person too has a 1Password account.

Download 1Password for Mac

#3. Dropbox

I will be surprised if anyone from the business community questions the productivity value generated by Dropbox. This is one of the best and the most helpful tool a professional could ever ask for. You just can’t showcase Dropbox as a mere app, but it is, in an actual sense, a quality service provider to say the least. Dropbox these days has become one of the essentials in any office. Just share your files, images, video clips, presentations or anything comes to your mind with your team members. It doesn’t matter how far they live or in which corner of the world they are if you can connect with them via Dropbox your job is more than half done.

Sure you won’t mind having a glare at these Best Dropbox Alternatives as well!

Download Dropbox for Mac

#4. Evernote

Now there is no need to worry about forgetting an important note in which you jotted down some important points for your next meeting or an important presentation.

Evernote is here, and it will sync each and every note you create on your Mac. There is no bar on what format of note it is as well as Evernote can save any format like video, photo, text, PDF and even web clippings. Not only syncing the notes Evernote can create checklists and also to-do lists with ease.

All the notes and lists will sync across all the devices connected, and you can access them by using any device. Although Evernote comes free, you can use its premium plans as well.

Download Evernote for Mac

#5. CheatSheet

Are you facing problems remembering small things like hotel rooms, license plates, luggage combinations, and credit or debit card numbers? With CheatSheets installed on your Mac you just need to write them down and then can visit them whenever you wish to. You can then paste the information anywhere you want to by just using the custom keyboard. CheatSheet also has pre-programmed shortcuts for those apps which allow them to have. Later you can get the list of the shortcuts you are using. Cheatsheet can be one of the greatest timesavers you have.

CheatSheet also has pre-programmed shortcuts for those apps which allow them to have. Later you can get the list of the shortcuts you are using. Cheatsheet can be one of the greatest timesavers you have.

Download CheatSheet for Mac

#6. OmniFocus

If you ask me OmniFocus is not just an app, it is a tool which can change your entire perspective of how you look at working on the job in your hand. OmniFocus will let you see your job in the variety of ways. Each angle suggested by this app has a specific design and will give you options for planning, doing, checking on your upcoming day or even week. You can later review your work whether it went according to your plan or not. One can always make changes during the entire exercise is going on. With eye-catching interface and flexibility to use it on any device, Omnifocus will also let you enjoy your work, which as we said above can only increase your productivity.

Download Omnifocus for Mac

#7. Fantastical 2

Yes, I know that you got the calendar app on your Mac already, but that app is too good for keeping small and simpler things or tasks. For advanced features like creating events and reminders quickly, setting a time for an appointment with geographic alerts and even with reminders, you need to have Fantastical 2 in your Mac. I would bet that once you install this app, you will not be able to live without. Just create, edit and view your upcoming events, appointments and reminders right from the menu bar and believe me this is not it either. Once you get through the app, you will know plenty more about it. Yes, the trial period of this app is for 21 days, and then you need to pay $39.99 for the licensed version.

Download Fantastical 2 for Mac


We won’t be over doing anything if we say that IFTTT is future of our digital life. Currently, IFTTT is less in use because of less related apps in use but a day will come when IFTTT will become an integral part of us so why don’t we install it on our Mac right now? This app will let you create whatever you want to and also let you use a library of things which are pre-created by the app itself. What if you need not tell everyone just thirty minutes before a scheduled meeting and your IFTTT app will do that work for you? Isn’t this app increase your productivity?

Download IFTTT on Mac

#9. Hazel

For those who just can’t organize their files on their Mac, Hazel can be a blessing in disguise. Hazel is an app which organizes your files automatically and that too by following the rules you create. Just create the rule and forget everything as Hazel will arrange everything for you. You can keep downloading things, and if you make a rule that after a particular time passes by your downloads should be transferred to a specific folder, then Hazel will do that for you. For the best paperless workflow, you can always trust Hazel. Hazel also keeps an eye on your trash and will delete those files which are too old to save. Get your files archived on their own and rename the folders and subfolders easily with the help of Hazel.

Download Hazel for Mac

#10. Slack

Slack is popular communication tool which can club all your favorite services like Twitter, Dropbox and more so that you can communicate with your team with ease. Share files, documents, and images without even making a sweat and then discuss them with your team. One more benefit of Slack is that you can add more third-party plugins and features and make it extra helpful for everyone who is connected. Create channels of each topic and send direct messages to team members. You can even make video calls without needing any other app or share invite links.

Download Slack for Mac

With these best productivity apps for Mac, you can save plenty of time while doing your job and then use it at more important works. We are sure that you must have loved this collection of apps and thus we request you to give your feedback on this collection here in the comments section below.

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