YouTube is one of the best ways to get infotainment. Be it an educational video or a trailer for a movie, we have to connect YouTube for sure. For last few years we can even watch Hollywood flicks here as well. It is understood that when we are watching a particular video on YouTube we do not bother about anything else. Things like making our YouTube viewing easy or efficient never come as our priority which is a fact.

Perhaps, because we don’t know that there are certain shortcuts available which can help us to gain efficiency and effective viewing we have never bothered about it. In this article, you will know 10 best YouTube keyboard shortcuts which will help your YouTube viewing more effective than what it is right now. Sure you are interested to know about them? Then let’s move forward.

10 Best Keyboard Shortcuts for YouTube Watchers

#1. Tab key for total control

Your keyboard’s Tab key is a master tool when you are playing YouTube video player. Tab key will allow you to perform actions like next video, mute, volume, other settings and of course play and pause. Try it once and then it will become a habit.

#2. Full-screen mode

Just hit the ‘F’ key and your YouTube video will be in full-screen mode. To exit the full-screen mode you need to hit the Esc key.

#3. Play or Pause video

Apart from Tab key you can even hit Spacebar or K key to Play and Pause the video. You can control your YouTube video with ‘K’ key from any page, but when you are using Spacebar to Play or Pause the video you need to be on YouTube page.

#4. Skip the video Back or Forward for 5 seconds

Hitting the ‘Right Arrow Key’ will skip the video you are watching on YouTube forward for 5 seconds and similarly by hitting the ‘Left Arrow Key’ it will go Back for 5 seconds.

#5. Skip and Forward video by 10 seconds

Just like shortcut #3 if you wish to skip the video forward by 10 seconds then hit ‘L’ button and if you want to skip it back for 10 seconds then press ‘J’.

#6. Restart the video

Just press the ‘0’ key or the ‘Home’ key to restart your current video.

#7. Jump to certain percent of video

If you wish to forward your video by a certain percentage then you need to press numeric keys on your Windows keyboard. For 10 percent jump press ‘1’, for 20 percent jump press ‘2’ and so on.

#8. Turn on Closed captioning

To turn on Closed Captioning you need to hit the ‘C’ key and to change the font size use ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys.

#9. Super Slow-Mo

To watch the YouTube video in ultra-slow motion, press full stop (.) button on your keyboard, and to watch the video in super-slow motion backward, press comma (,) key.

#10. Adjusting volume

Up Arrow Key will increase the volume of the video and Down Arrow Key will reduce it. If you want to mute the volume then just press ‘M’.


Most of these Keyboard shortcuts will work, either when you are on YouTube page or on a different page. Just check which shortcut works where first and then start implementing them. This small tip will make your task even easier.

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We are sure that these Keyboard shortcuts will make your YouTube viewing more easy and efficient. So, why don’t you share your experience with us here in the comments section? We are waiting for you.