As e-books are becoming popular the widely accepted format to read these e-books is Epub (.epub). Most of the e-book apps are based on Epub although major e-book providers like Kindle and Amazon do not support the .epub format. So if you want to read some of the best e-books on your Windows 10 enabled PC, we have brought the best Epub readers for Windows 10. (Are you aware that you can now create new user accounts in Windows 10? Jump over to this post.)

By using any of these Epub readers you can read the .epub files easily on your Windows enabled PC. One can rest assured that the experience using these Epub readers will be definitely great and you will actually love to read ebooks.

Best ePub Reader for Windows 10

Best Free Epub Reader for Windows 10

#1. ePub File Reader

Epub File Reader

This software has one of the clearest user interfaces you will ever come across and this is we can claim by offering this software to some of the avid e-book readers. Apart from some miss-spelled chapter names this software does its job pretty well. Windows 10 comes with the .net format but if you are using Windows 7 then you probably need to download .net framework separately.

Download ePub File Reader

#2. Nook

Nook Epub reader

Nook is one of the most popular Epub readers among the e-book lovers. For those who already have Windows tablet, they need not buy this ebook reader. Nook supports both .epub and .pdf formats. You can buy newspapers, magazines also apart from ebooks from Nook’s store. The interface supports highlighting text and bookmarks as well.

Download Nook

#3. Freda

Freda Epub reader

This is a unique e-book reader because besides FB2 and epub support this reader also supports HTML, so you can read HTML as an e-book as well. You can bookmark your favorite stuff and also made annotations if you wish to. From text to color everything is customizable. If you don’t want to see the ads then you need to pay $2 and the ads will be all gone.

Download Freda

#4. Bibliovore

Bibliovore Epub reader

One of the best-looking e-book readers is here and it is called Bibliovore. It has many features which its counterparts do not offer. One of those interesting features is that in can sync your books if you are using OneDrive across the gadgets you are using. The font size is extremely flexible so you can even read e-books without wearing your glasses.

Download Bibliovore

#5. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions Epub reader

When it comes to PDF readers Adobe is the first name comes to our minds, but sadly Adobe has somehow failed to dominate the e-book market despite having the best PDF background. Adobe’s e-book reader, Adobe Digital Editions tells the same story as we have mentioned because it fails to impress. The most forgettable part of this is that it takes lots of time to open an e-book. But the recent updates have made this procedure faster so we can expect more from Adobe from now on for sure.

Download Adobe Digital Editions

#6. FBReader


Don’t get misguided by the name as this reader has nothing to do with the most popular social media website. On the contrary, this reader is one of the most simple e-book readers you will ever come across. It doesn’t provide you lot many options because to remain simple is its only motive. But despite being simple it supports all sorts of formats like HTML, RTF, FB2, MOBI and EPUB for sure.

Download FBReader

#7. Calibre

calibre ebook reader

Calibre is not only an e-book reader it is a complete solution to your reading habit. You can do plenty of things with this reader like managing your library, sync reader devices with your e-books. Not only that it also helps you to find the cheapest price for whichever e-book you are willing to buy. But what steals the show is its news feature. Calibre fetches news from different news websites from different languages and will allow you to read them in a book format.

Download Calibre

8. Icecream

Icecream ebook reader

The user interface of Icecream may not suit your choice but it features a full-screen mode and also a night mode. It will also allow you to add bookmarks and many other things which are a must for an e-book reader. The look may not impress you but it has more options than many other readers we have advised here and it is more instinctive as well.

Download Icecream

#9. Sony Reader for PC

Sony Reader for PC

When you hear the name Sony it automatically stands for quality and Sony Reader for PC also stands for quality. Unlike other e-book readers we have suggested in this article, this one is not having a full reach but it certainly provides smooth reading experience too. Sony Reader comes with 45 MB in size and provides you a complete library management. Apart from that it also gives you the freedom of reading e-books from Sony e-book store. Select the “Computer” option inside the reader and then you can read drm free e-books right there on your computer.

Download Sony Reader for PC

#10. Sumatra

SumatraPDF epub Reader

Just like FBReader SumatraPDF isn’t a good looking e-book reader at all but it does its job wonderfully well. The best part of Sumatra is that it can support any format like CBR, CBZ, XPS, PDF and EPUB and many others also. What makes Sumatra different than any other e-book reader we have suggested is that it is a portable app so you can carry it in your USB drive and use it on any PC wherever you go without going through the installation process again.

Download Sumatra


You may search any website to get the best Windows 10 epub readers available online and we challenge you that you will not find any better than the above ten epub readers we have offered. All those e-book readers are free so all you need to do is to download them and start reading some of the best e-books available right now.

Hope you have liked our choices and if you have already downloaded any of the above e-book or epub readers then do let us know how it is working here in comments.